Good Morning Pua

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Ocassionaly I wake up to find Pua sleeping next to me on the pillow instead of in it. The heat was up a bit to high so this morning she was sprawled out across it.

This was last week the day after her wild evening. It was one of few nice mornings it's snowing out now and for about a week it's been snowing in the evenings but not sticking much now it's sticking a little.

Going to work

Usualy she sleeps through it but she has been active the last few mornings so was awake for her ride

Maybe we should go back in

Having her so active I took her out for a but but she wasn't sure at first.

Running down the bunny trail

We went acoss the street then around the building once

Following the scent trail

She rarely stops to sniff things and instead just sniffs as she goes

Let's go in now it's cold out here

Heading to bed

She came in and had a snack then headed for her favorite spot

Snug as a tamandua in a mop bucket

She likes to nap in the bathroom either the sink or the mop bucket

Somethings not right

I think I need to sleep somewhere else today

Into the sink

Her most favorite nap spot is the sink but it was wet so lay the pad in there and she got in before I got her blankets but she got all wrapped up after. But then she still didn't settle in so took her out and she sleot in my lap where it's warmer.

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Late night Insanity

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I'm in a lazy mood so just copied the set page each photo has some of the story in the title and description like normal just click the first of the mass of thumbnails below and scroll through them all :)
See what happens when you don't clean the lint trap

took enough photos I'll make it it's own set. Pua was hyper and did everything she could think of, climbing the walls, climbing the curtains, climbing the CD shelf, in the dryer, on a lader and more not captured on film.


30 photos | Detail view

Photos are from between 23 Feb 07 & 24 Feb 07.
I want to go outside This isn't as easy as I thought Pua on the curtain Stoping for a tail scratch I can smell outside Clinging to the door seem Uh ho that's a long way down Never as easy going down as up Pua takes flight Up the Cd shelf again I think we should listen to this one tonight Always getting stuck Thank you for opening the door now go away See what happens when you don't clean the lint trap Warning: may contain bouts of late night insanity Hey there's a light in here Pick me up and take me outside I'll climb up you Pua on my shoulder Trying a fresh angle Oh Dear Climbing the walls Looks like solid ground up there This isn't what I planned Peeking out the window Trying to get down Trying to find some footing 100_0147.jpg I know there was a shelf here somewhere

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Pua In Toy Land NIGHT 2

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Let's have some ants santa or else

Pua went back to the crib to play tonight

You got a funny beard

Lots of these toys have squeekies and noise makers. I'd make them go and she'd get excited and poke her nose at the spot but didn't figure out to squeeze with her claws to make them make noise for her. This one talks.

I like your eyes.. let me have them

Like all little fur kids she likes to go for the eyes

Having a ball

sniff poke

after the polar bears eyes now

Oh what's this thing?

Was hoping she'd figure out there's toys inside to pull out

She liked it but so far just to claw and sniff at

More toys down here?

she's so fun to watch rooting around in the toys. It's funny from not playing with toys to loving them all in a matter of days.

Likes santa Deer the best

the squeeker is in his hat.


I want to do what you're doing

She just loves to sit on the computer or play with my cellphone or camera. She sat there and tried to get her claw under and pull a key off the key board earlier and had to ditract her.

She was using it as a grooming station here.

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