Pua's blood test and spam

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We do appreciate that some of you find our blog entertaining and popular enough to try and place spam on. However you are wasting your time placing spam comments on my blog as mom moderates comments so no one ever sees them but her and she is not interested Viagra etc. Though I will admit to being enticed by the recent blue cheese post but mom insists store bought blue cheese is just fine for me. So since mom wont buy this stuff you are completely wasting your time and hers. ~ Pua

Okay got Pua's blood values and if the conversions I figured out are right she is low on Retinol(vit A) but probably not enough to worry about to much.

This would indicate they do not convert carotenes in to retinol like most mammals, since there is a lot of carotenes in the plant parts of her diet and the only retinol she gets is her cheese treats. I guess if your wild diet normally has few if any carotenes no reason to have the ability to covert them.

Her values were 0.11PPM Retinol. There was no wild Tamandua values but lowest captive Tamandua values was 0.23 ppm. {Edit}

I've been informed that Xmol is likely a typo(due to faulty font conversions) for 0.8 µM which would equate to 0.23 ppm, which would only be twice Pua's level. Since I could find no definition of Xmol I think this is true.

If her retinol is half of what captive Tamanduas tested at in the study then
I'm happy with that because with the one's they tested they could have the
lower level in the blood and still have really high levels in the liver.
Maybe their liver stores more than other mammals since their diet is so low
in it but that backfires when they get more than normal.{edit}

It's much less of an issue to be less in retinol than it is to be to high since the liver stores the Retinol and we aren't sure how low wild Tamanduas retinol is. A splurge of cheese now and then would probably be enough to store in the liver and not show in the blood but give her enough as needed. Stuck at just guessing without wild numbers.

Her calcium is 88 PPM or 2.195 mmol/L compared to wild Tamandua 1.95 mmol/L
Phosphorus is 73 PPM or 2.396 mmol/L compared to wild 1.6 mmol/l

Formula used PPM(divided by)Molecular weight=mmol/L

So both are high which isn't as critical as the ratio or difference between the two, roughly 6/5 or .36 mmol/L difference. Hers roughly 7/8 so she needs lower Phos though lowering them over all might be good too. Giving her regular instead of lean meat will make it lower phos in the ratio, can use spinach like I used to, to also lower the Calcium since the thyme has more calcium and the spinach did give her enough K. She was on lean meat at the time of testing. I was giving thyme for more iron but mushrooms can be used for iron and her iron tested high, for a domestic animal but their wild diet is sky high in iron so without other numbers I'm considering that fine as she did so well once we upped the iron in her diet.

The panel did also include Iron so if I can find a norm for that I can compare.
Also included: Magnesium, Zinc, copper, sodium, potassium These will be good if we can find norms to compare too for wild as I know the minerals are not as high as wild in the diet mix.

Over all I'd say the verdict is pretty good. The diet as planned with regular ground meat and spinach(as originally figured is about right) since she was on lean meat and thyme at time of testing. The leaner diet and thyme replacing spinach mix threw things off, by these figures but not critically. Only thing was retinol being lower than the lowest captive Tamandua tested but we don't know wild levels and the blood could read low but be over dosed on retinol and have to much in the liver which makes it a lot harder to become deficient. So that's not to much of a worry more cheese treats would giver her more retinol or I could add some cottage cheese or eggs to the diet again. She doesn't like eggs but they would give retinol without giving calcium. But I'd say she needs hardly any more. Best guess is to figure half of lowest captive population at .4 instead of .8 such a small difference one egg a month might be enough so just letting her have more cheese treats is probably fine too. She hasn't been wanting much of the spray cheese for awhile. I don't think she likes the brand as well as Easy cheese.

From study paper
"Samples taken from nine wild T. tetradactyla in 1993 had a mean plasma calcium value of only 1.95 mmol/L
phos 1.6 mmol/l
Plasma vitamin A level in 14 samples from four captive Tamandua?as was 0.8 ? 0.18 |xmol/L. Serum vitamin A in two other animals from the Woodland Park Zoo showed even higher levels (2.2 and 3.3 |xmol/L)."

It's that time of the month when Pua chooses to be a less active and she's still getting up late

But here's a couple old photo of her playing with a cat toy

I got you

Pua Kitty

Oh and someone ordered a few Calendars this week so if anyone else still needs them let us know

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