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the coolest stuff happens when you don't have your camera

Pua was wide awake yesterday morning so we went out for a walk. Across the street then back and she found a few ant neasts. She likes those little black ones. She found a nest between one of those parking space contreat bumpers and the concreat curb of a planter area. She ate awhile from the nest and was also licking up those that were running all over the bumper. Could have made some good pictures and maybe video with her tongue flicking all over.

She was actualy pretty hyper the last few days but has settled down again now.

Late in the day I took Pua to the back of the store intending she get a bit of a walk going back to the front but she found Jupiter's old hide box and went in there insted.
I just took some pics through to crack of the lid on top rather than open it.

"Hey what's with all the flashing light? I'm trying to sleep in here"

Stuck the camera in the side door and took this pic of her curled up from the side.

Some what randome pic. I like her feet so took a pic of one.

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