Easter Sunday Drive and Hike

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Budding furn
The dogs went to the park then it was decided to take a drive in the woods. We took Pua. She slept till we woke her at the picnic area.

It's a hike down into the woods by the lake

On a stump

Kinda unhappy it was just to cold in this spot

Poor babe was shivering so she got wrapped in a jacket.

We headed back but she wanted to walk herself

Trying something new

Since someone else was driving I didn't put Pua in her crate but left the leash on for safety. She did great.

Oh my, the world sure goes by fast

Note: the window was rolled up.

So tired

She curled up next to me and slept under her pouch

Then we stopped at the fish hatchery. It was warmer there and she used the bushes to do her deeds so she was happier

running across the lawn

She went down to the water then she startled some ducks who startled her and we turned around

Do we need to have this discussion again? Remember the one about posing for pictures? LOl actually I put her on there for a family when they saw her and she walked along the fence and posed pretty for their photos but not for mine later when I tried it for me.

I want down now

doll sheep

Wrong turn. no Pua that's someone's driveway.

Happy Zoom

River map

cool bear

Another wrong turn. I followed the trail sign but this turned out to be a drive way too

The real trail

down the steps

*sniff* darn no termites

Little trail blazer. I was going to carry her across the mean metal bridge but she found her own way before I could get her.


Oh my, what was that?!!

She heard the turkeys gobble. In the big version you can see she's really got some expression on her face, for an anteater. Even got her little jaw dropped.

Flower. they had signs along the trail with plant and flower names. Obviously has done me no good as I forgot already

Hey there's ants in here

Come on out ants! Feeling domestic now she was to lazy to claw her way in but I know she could have.

A little frustrated she continued on

Purple trillium, AKA western mountain lilly. Ha, I did remember a sign.

didn't you see the sign, Pua? It said do not climb. Ha she tried to go inside this tube and in pulling her out she went up on. I didn't get a chance to read just what it is but apparently is a tube for drain pipe under roads.

Then my battery died so we missed some good pic opportunities

When we went by the animals I lifted her up to see a partridge. Pua didn't care but the bird backed away.

There were also thes patches of ground cover plants she was running around in like they were catnip


  1. c.j.h. Says:

    For the driveway photo:

    Pua: I know it's someone's driveway. I was going to borrow a cup of ants

    For the car photo (looking out the window)

    Pua: Wait! Go back! I saw ants on that tree!

  1. Unknown Says:

    I'm in a botany class and that's cool you posted that flowers and the budding fern! I love your little animal. She's so cute. I wonder why no sports team ever makes a taqmandua their mascot.

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    UC Irvine has the anteater as a mascot but they use the giant anteater. Maybe in south america. There are Tamandua towns and even a Tamandua island.

    I found out that one flower is a fawn lily.