A quick update

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Pua had a nice hike the other day but we forgot the camera. She sniffed almost every tree along the trail. We found a couple shaggy mane mushrooms.

Tonight she found the sound of the neighbors cleaning the BBQ scary and came inside but she is keen to leave the yard the last few nights due to hormones and knowing males are out there somewhere. She is also very playful and that is lovely, though she is a bit down since today was laundry day. I brought my tomato plants in for the winter and she stole one. She left them alone last year. Though she did dig in the dirt sometimes.

Rescue baby anteater must read
The mom was attacked by dogs and killed. She aborted her baby but they are nursing her at a rescue. Worth reading as it goes into how they raise them there. This is a very common problem(dogs). Oh they also have a baby monkey video.

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Are they soft? Not really. Not soft like a bunny. I don't find her course but some think so. The hairs are wavy and she is softer on the belly and chest but I compare them to a well washed goat. Not greasy at all, like an unwashed goat would be.

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