More pictures

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These are from last night and today but since it will be midnight soon you could alter that a day by when you'd be reading it.

Pua coming off the make shift bunny pen. The netting is supposed to keep Jupiter in but he can unsnap it sometimes.

Baby milk and spinich, yum. Frozen spinach has about a mg of vitamine K per cup the highest amount I've found yet plus it has potasium which they also should have. Can see it starting to help.
She would take a little nap then wake up and go on his cage then I'd lure her back with the baby formula which is what she was really looking for.
In her cage at work. If you look zoomed you'll see I added what they called deer fencing for now and is working great.

Put the harness on her before then she fell alseep on my lap in the towel so put her up still in it till she woke.

It looks good in the pic but didn't think the figure-8 worked to well. Looked like it might slip off. This is a bunny harness bellow. It looks like it didn't fit as well but was actualy a lot beter since could adjust neck and chest seperatly.

Put back again without a harness for a short while.
She got out because I was impressed she could see better than I thought she could. Was about 20' away and she followed my movements back and forth and reacted when I lifted my arms.

Was trying to get a pic of her tongue out while grooming me but didn't happen.
Enjoying a belly rub.