Pua goes wild

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boy she was rambunctiouse today woke up at 5am and wouldn't go back to sleep till noon. I gave her an hour in the store cage then put her harness on and let her run around then finaly got the idea to take her outside. There are some ants nesting just under the edge of the walk. She did enjoy that and scared a tinny snake away too. Was maybe 6" long gardener snake or garter snake depending on who you talk too. she also scared a grass hopper. She spent a bit of time there then mossied along infront of the empty chinease place and found a good nest there even saw one try to scramble away with an egg. So she had a nice snack there then moved on they don't stay to long at one nest plus she couldn't dig to deep due to the sidewalk now that she's doing pretty good on her harness will need to try taking her into the woods and find a real good nest of ants or termites for her.

She loved that got dirt all over her face and paws then still ate some of her food when we came back in so it didn't spoil her to her gruel. Was funny was keeping my eye on passers by and even people on foot and bike didn't stop or seem to even look twice. Guess they thought she was just a weird looking dog. Finaly just before we came back in one truck slowed to get a better look and pulled off at the pizza place. I had her closer to the street then by the light pole cuz there's a mound of dirt there but that was too close so we came back in when she found nothing there. After we were back inside the people came back and asked if she was really an anteater :)

She had some fans stop by and fawn over her too since she was still out. She finaly got tired towards the end of their visit and is now napping.

It was no wonder she was up all day though she slept all day yesterday. Had a huge breakfast then slept due to the heat but it's much nicer today.

I didn't get any pics this time but here's a couple pics from yesterday.

So sweet in this pic but she really likes to be messy when she eats. Likes to put her claws into it. She likes it best when I top the food with something smelly good like my dogs freeze dried venison. This makes me think she doesn't really have a sense of taste and goes just by the smell because it's the same food and doesn't really change the flavor. The problem is it tends to be lumpy on top once it soaks in so she likes to dig her claws in and pull it out. Very messy. Will be needing more towels.
Sleeping on mommy's lap. This was at the store yesterday but we watched rescue me on the couch together last night, well she slept through all of it really.