Our nightly visitor

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I think he visits just to bug the heck out of Q&H. The other night Hyzzie woke me sounding like she was in a fight all snarles and growls. I yelled at her cuz was just Q&H and pua and in the room and we were all locked in but had the big door open but screan door shut with pet door sealed. well Q&H kept making noise and running to the door on and off and the light out side kept turning on and off. I just figured it was Kat but finaly went and looked. There right outside the door on the step was a huge racoon. He looked up at me but stayed a bit longer before taking off. Someone is probably feeding him and know he's stealing cat food and stuff from composte piles cuz he's fat. He had to be just enjoying rileing Q&H though cuz if he wanted in the kitchen pet door was open. This was him tonight when Hyzzie chased him out of the yard and over the fence into the neighbors tree. At least think so since she took off out the door then was barking at the fence when I got out there. she's smart enough not to corner or fight it but Quasi isn't we know that from an incident last year.