A Day in the Yard

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First a couple pics from the shop.
A full view of her cage.
Where she really spends most of her time at the store. She's getting better a couple of her face bumps are gone and just pink skin there now.
Gave Pua a bath today then took her out for some sun.

Lots of intrest in the wood pile this time and looked like she might have found a thing or two to lick up but not much. She kept coming back to check on me too.

After she went along the fence line then she found something to dig a bit here but took a short nap. Sbhe went back on the wood pile after but fell asleep there so took her back inside.

Q&H just layed in the sun and watched us but later to be fare I took Jupiter out for a but too but he's not as keen on the outdoors.

Comon Jup' lets play!!
They ran around a bit then he said enough of that.
A little diggin'What Quasi did the whole time.

We also went blackberry picking today but Pua didn't come. I'd loose her into the black berry brambles. Q&H liked it though. Hyzzie likes when I toss a berry and she plays with it like she's pouncing a mouse. Quasi just lay in the sun the whole time but he does like a bit of sweet berry to eat.