Pua's days off

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Well I take Mondays and tuesdays off so Pua got to stay home and just hang out too. Mostly she just snuggled a lot or slept while I did things like clean her cage and mop the floor. She was active Tuesday so took her in the yard on her harness and lead and she checked the wood pile but found nothing then checked all along the fence line. She never tried to climb it either but she could. If she can climb a door frame she can climb a fence easy. She didn't find any ants but did find some interesting spots to sniff. I was hot though so we didn't stay out long because I could tell it was getting to her.

She's spent some time with me watching TV in the front room and all the pets are getting along better with her, aside from Kat we haven't had them together again. But even Jupiter licked her tail some when she hung it in his cage.

Poor Pua had a weird side effect to the worming she didn't poop for 9 days. She finaly pooped Tuesday and had 4 big logs there one a double log waiting on her pee pad when I got home from walking Q&H. She was up so let her out and set her on the bed pet her belly and she settled right in so went and changed her pee pad and she was still just chillin' on the bed after I was done so took her pic. I'm sure she felt better having finaly got things moving again. But had been wanting to get a pic of her doing that because she's done it a few times but on my lap, reclining no pooping ;).


  1. Fox Says:

    Now that way over my head about being lazy, look at the way she laying OMG I wish I was that lazy lol Well Pua got herself other nice day... Cute pics I'm going to hang one of them on my wall it's soo good..maybe run it over photoshop first..