Pua has a party

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and I wasn't invited because I'm a party pooper. The little brat, lol. At least she's feeling well enough to be a brat.

Well fed her before going home and stuck her in her hammock in her cage at home. Closed and latched the door She curled up to sleep and I went to dinner. Near the end of dinner hear noise but just like her normaly moving around in her cage. Finish and get up to come in and see if she wants to eat more but hear some weird noises. Glance down the hall and double take. There on the desk in the computer room is not Kat at her bowl but Pua! That image will be burned in my mind for ever, lol. She had knocked Kat's food bowl down and was happily drinking her water. She has water in her cage but stolen water while free is always better.

Grabbed her up and marched back to my room with her and see she knocked over Jupiter's cage too. Jupiter was free but not happy about it. Guess she was hungry and finding no food she followed her nose to the cat food only it wasn't blended to mush so she couldn't eat it. She has had a good meal now and gone back to sleep.

Their are two doors on her cage one top on one side one bottum on another. The bottum door was open. I put her in and take her out the top. I did open the bottum this morning to change her pad but remember thinking about needing to close it so I wouldn't have just this thing happen tonight. Still guess I forgot. Will need to remember my lessons from the petting zoo days and double or tripple check all doors. If she gets out again locks will be in order.