Pua Pet of the day

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Pua, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pua
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tamandua anteater
Home: Oregon, USA

Pua the tamandua is very sweet and loving. She enjoys grooming me and wants to hug me as she sleeps. She likes play fighting and wrestling and poking my fingers and toes with her claws. She gets a fancy blended mixture of chicken, liver, flax seed, red beans, spinach, fruit and a few other things. Tamandua's diet is very important and has to be just right. She will claw up and lick up the mush from apples, bananas, and kiwi. She prefers her food very cold. She also loves long walks in the woods when the weather is nice and will run along. she doesn't have body odor but her pee is a bit skunky. During the day she sleeps in her hanging hammock or in my lap if it's available. She does okay with the other pets either ignoring them or avoiding the more ornery ones. I've seen her tongue in action when she disturbed an ant nest by a curb. Usually her tongue disappears down the ant hole. She can hang by her tail but prefers to keep her feet on something. she has gone up the door frame before. She keeps my ears and belly button clean with her tongue too. she is mostly active in the evenings and keeps her self groomed a lot similar to a cat but mostly using her claws to comb her fur. She can be messy with her food.

Tamanduas definitely aren't for everyone but we love each other and she's very needy for an exotic. She sometimes cries when I leave her for a moment but stops and plays with me soon as I come back. Tamanduas need specialized diet and care and I spent years learning about them before I got her. And as you can see Pua turned out to be the greatest pet for me.

Pua, the Pet of the Day