Around the house 5/29/07

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Stewie in the hammock and laying on top of Pua before he got in with her. They were in to sleep since we were going out

today before we put the AC on he was hanging half out of it but missed the shot (todays pics are not up yet anyway)

Anteater hugs

Needing a break from Stewie she had her nap and cuddle time with Grampa. He was thrilled. He's always picking her up but she wont stay when it's his idea.

"That boy wont find me here"

Brave Stewie checks out the bath tub

what's down these holes? Ants?

Now to destroy this thing so there are no more baths


smells nice

No baths if I come in

Pua stopped to listen at the door and hissed but then chanced coming in to see what was happening

What's going on under there

Stewie can fit in some small places

Silly boy

got cob web on his nose

Expressive Kat