Pua nad Stewie act in a movie

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So what's this about Canada? Well Pua was discovered by the head Trainer for DR Doolittle 4, a strait to DVD release. Best guess about a year from now so watch for it in stores. Stewie came along in the mean time while everything got worked out so he came along as stand in when Pua wasn't up to it.

They did good on the ride up but we were delayed at the USDA and then at the border so they did wind up peeing in their crate. We parked in the commercial lot as we needed to see US F&W and then the Canadian ag vet to look at them. Then no one gave me a ticked to get out of the lot so made the mistake of driving back to cross the regular traffic boarder and the guy kept me there longer just because he could, ugh, he said I was lucky since it was a $5,000 fine to enter the US illegally. I'm not so sure that really counts if they had forced me to go to court over it. He just felt like delaying me further.

So we finally got to the hotel room and I let them out in the bathroom with a bowl of food. Stewie dug right in Pua had to be coaxed out and hugged awhile first then they were both fine and settled into a wild play fight to blow off steam.

Zombie anteaters attack

Tamandua Death Grip

About to fling himself at her

Time out

The hotel said we couldn't have them loose in the room so they were caged if someone had to come while they were there

Let's keep playing

The soon threw us out anyway claiming we smelled to bad. Wonder how many smelly humans they throw out? I worked hard with cleaners ect to be sure there was no smell or food left in the bathroom. The maid just didn't like us. It kept coming back to "the maid was concerned you have the do not disturb sign up" ect. Oh well the next place was tons better and they loved Pua and Stewie and no complaints.

I smell grapes in here

He was after the cheese