Pua hike 5/30/07

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Stewie didn't go. He's not good enough to try them both together on a trail and especialy not on that one. He needs some time by himself on a more groomed trail but we didn't have time. He doesn't seem to crave the getting back to nature but like Pua does. She needs to run in the woods sometimes. He seems happy running around the house and exploring that for now but we get him out of short walks.

Starting out

Pua waking up for her walk in the woods

Is this the ant tree?

Claw action

Mmmm ants

Heading back

Don't trip

Ant log

Covered in nature

Firm grip

Looking for more ants

Oh some big ants in here

and some on her head

doing the anteater thing

Sitting to eat ants

slow walk back

she kept looking for ants