Pua and sleepy time with both anteaters

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Anteater at the window

Pua grooming

Pua grooming her and me

Pua grooming me

Little boy yawn


You hide I'll count to ten

Stewie was tossing and turning

Stewie says his prayers

"Please let me find a comfy postition"

The arm can make a nice pillow



windowsills do not make good pillows

finaly a comfy spot

Pua grooming

It must be your fault, that I can't sleep

I fed them both then they settled in better

Sleepy Stewie

Hyzzie girl

Don't look at me. I didn't do it.

someone knocked a bag of powder off the counter and though Hyzzie was found standing over it and white pet paw prints leading every where, Stewie some how got it all over his head. Then got food all over the powder making it dry to a real mess on there.

Hanging on

Pua on the curtain

an ant treat

Sleeping on the desk

Stewie napping on the ride home

To much to do

alternet title: I'm done with my homework, mom


Stewie thought so, he was sleeping there

To tired to eat

falling asleep in his food

loving embrace

Stewies foot on Pua's side

Bya all

thanks for looking, Stewie