outside and inside

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Young starling with white feathers

Pua and Grandma

My mother closes her eyes when you take a picture like the cat does.

Pua napping with grandma

she wanted to get away from Stewie for awhile.

Stewie in the play pen in the morning


Stewie named this one. That's him starting his walk in the yard.

Going past last years garden

On the wood pile

I'm out'a here

Those fun tires

What's inside?

Nothing good in here

Off to find better things

exploring the woodpile

Going in

He wasn't to interested in the yard tonight

Exploring the great indoors

this was more his style

Looks like a long way down

What's behind curtain number one?

Posing pretty

Deadly claws

What are you?

forgot this one i had posted it out of order(him and Kat)

Stewie and Hyzzie


Waking up

Ew, what's that smell

The little twerp undid the dryer vent tube last night so when I dried some stuff today and it vented into the house and smelled worse than you'd expect.

So laid back *yawn*