5/20/07 videos & fun and games anteaers

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Anteaters wrestle in my lap
only one with some sounds but just huffing and puffing

Please mister postman, bring me a dream. Bring me the cutest boy that you've ever seen.

So I mangled a couple songs together and that's not quite how they are delivered, but, Ha

Anteater in a box

heard noise in the back of the shop and there he was scratching at the bottum of the box

He's coming to get you Pua

Stewie in the chair

Pua on top

Stewie picking at the chair

He will scratch like a cat. Had to move him from the couch to the cat condo tonight

Pro wrestling moves

Up side down fighting

there's that heart shape again

Stewie has the upper hand this time

A kick to the head

Now you see me, now you don't

Lazy play

Pua just sat there a bit and defended herself

grooming time out