5/11/07 two anteaters

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Yummy gourmet dinner

first Mork tongue photo

Yawn. Was nearly time to go home so took his box out of the cubby and tried to bribe him out but he wasn't going for it.

Such a comfy box

Going back to sleep

Are we home already?

They were both awake yesterday morning so I had taken them both to work. They promptly ran off to sleep in different corners of the building.

What are you looking at?

The duo this morning

Arg, who uncovered us

Quick get back under the covers

Heading to work

It's a very big crate and plenty of room for both to stretch out. they just prefered this way.

Vulture sillouete

were a couple hanging out but not a good day to capture their images

Two little anteaters sleeping in a mop bucket

They were a little cramped so I removed the mop ringer part. I should have thought of that a long time ago.

Hey put the covers back on