5/13/07 nightly anteater update

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hey that's not a chair

i was trying to get him to use that green bowl he's hogging Pua's feeding station

sharing a polite meal

the right way

when things go wrong

Stewie has gotten over his food possessiveness but Pua backs off and waits her turn if he comes in but he takes forever at the food bowl.

They are doing better tonight

Play on the headboard

now i got you

a time out for grooming

Aren't I Scary?

Got your tail

Play fighting in my lap

Ah take it easy

she was poking his hands a bit to hard and making him whine but he wouldn't stop playing with her either.

This just looks wrong some how

a kick to the head

Oh they were bonking each other in the head with their claws and you could hear it thunk, lol. They didn't seem to mind and just kept playing.

Learning to use his tail

Just back from a walk

and heading for Pua

Sleeping Pua

I'm coming to join you

Must you always watch us?