5/11/07 Stewie at work & Pua loves him

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He sticks his claws in then licks the food off his claws. Takes him awhile to eat that way.

Are you done yet?

A romantic dinner together

I think you might be short on cat food

Exploring the shelves

The travel crate

Have the crate he came in in the shop for now and he wanted to check it out

There's something about tamanduas and Cds

Where's the grub?

He found this lid and was licking it since I have sometimes given him lids with food to lick.

More please?

I found a big carpenter ant and let him have it

Yummy orange

I smell Pua

she was at home but he was looking in her sleeping spot for her.

Up side down

she was trying to get him to come back and play by grooming him but he thought food was more important

I love you, come play

Pay attention to me

Cleaning out his ears

Up side down eating

Pay attention to me or else!

Can you hear me now?