Weekly Hike more ants

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a flower on our walk

checking out the pit

this pit is where a tree up rooted

Looking for ants, she checked all the trees looking for her ant tree

Across the bridge

Happy zoom

Happy Tail close up

she wanted to go in the burrow on the way back she did again. It looked used. I'm sure there was some animal in there that wouldn't have liked being woken up.

Then we found her ant tree, there the tinny black ants to small to collect for treats

just kind of liked this shot

little tongues go in little holes

weird position

checkig to see we are still there

A break from digging

I stuck a small log in the hallow tree root so she dug there trying to get it out but then dug around the bottum looking for any missed ants too

Flying sawdust

climbing up high to the roof

a much deserved nap