Pua says high

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sorry had so much going on i let the blog slid will catch it up now

Pua at the fridge again

I opened it to get her food and she had other ideas. She tried to crawl onto it but it kept moving to much

video for those inclined:

Mmm freeze dried ants

found a place to order these online. At first she wasn't impressed then she decided they were okay snacks just a little to dry. No adding waer didn't help she thought that was gross.

I let you put this thing on me now let me out

open up

for the cute tail

trying to pry it open


Posing on the washer

Practicing her boxing

You don't let me out and i'll punch you

You know you'll give in soon

going down

Trying to send herself to Guyana

somehow she found this self adhesive stamp and got it stuck to her

Stopping for a few ants

a snack of freeze dried ants

going out

Smells good out here


  1. Geo Says:

    Hi, I am a professional photographer. (Established and legit!) You can see my work at georgefulton.com. I am the immediate past national president of the Advertising Photographers of America.

    I have a photoshoot and am in need of a live anteater who is cute and would model for two trade ads.

    I love Pua, and am wondering if you are interested. It needs to be shoot right away. We would want you to be Pua's 'handler' on set, of course.

    It would pay and you'd be bound to get some nice shots of Pua as well. If you are interested please email me ASAP! at george@georgefulton.com. My cell is 803-467-7189. I'd be wanting to shoot this in Boston, if possible, so perhaps we'd have to fly you there as with Pua. OR fly to Pua.

    Thanks, I can prove that I am who I am. You can also see my photographs at my agent's site - Tidepoolreps.com. Follow the links to George Fulton. Call the rep number there if needed. They are in San Francisco.