Pua hike and the ant tree

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Not awake yet

Some of the logs smelled interesting

Had to pee in the woods

Had to pee in the woods

hurrying along, sniffing something, and a shot from above

rushing along the trailThis place smells interestingTaken from above

Across the bridge

The bridge, a rocky path, and another smell
a small bridgeThis trail is less kept than othersI wanna go this way

Erosion, This part of the trail may not be here next year

A cool stump

another tail shot, really moving and tail up, the stump on the way back and Pua on a log

continuing onReally movingThat cool stump againLog shot

Pua found something
Wait a minute I think I found something

She's going it

I looked and there seemed to be no where for her to go

I think I smell ants

Oh Boy! Ants!!



Come on there's plenty for all.
They're not even fighting back. It's like they've never seen an anteater before

Really none of us got bit or swarmed on and she was in there about 20 minutes but did see the ants.

Found some in here

and up here

And some up here

The ceiling so I knew if it would be safe to let her climb and ease up on the leash tension.

Still waiting, okay but I may be awhile

You still waiting

Claw action

Tail action

Tail action

Whoo, this is hard work

More tail action. She was crawling around all over the walls

And then she was gone!! But there's no where to go??

And then she was gone!!But there's no where to go??

"I was just taking a nap. See i got it all figured out I'll sleep in this hallow root then wake up and have ants for breakfast. "

Was a little work fishing her out of there by her tail but it was do-able. Either that or would of been camping out tonight. close call missed it as it was hiding behind a corner in the tree stump.

Heading back

Well maybe I can find some ants on the way backAnother log another chance to look for ants

After walk grooming, after a snack
Some much needed groomingBack scratching

Then more food.
Eating ants works up the appetite

Upside down eating. She was going to settle in but needed a bit more.

Heard a dog barking, It was on TV so a strange dog and being tired she was "jumpy" or maybe it's "freezy"

Heard a dog barking

"Think I'm just about done in"

Selecting her spot

And then burrow in

Back here looks goodBurrowing in

Then helped cover her in blankets and she was set