5/09/07 a trip with all

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Hey what's going on

Stewie peeking out

Is this some kind'a joke?

This isn't the bedroom note: that is Pua's tail

We brought a pee pad just incase this time. The night before Pua had to go and I didn't give Warning soon enough so we had a flood on the floor.

One sleepy anteater

Sleepy Pua

Two sleepy anteaters

Takes awhile to get going but they enjoy it once they do. Poor Pua has a misserable tail.

Waking up now

Pua checking things out

Stewie trying to learn the leash

Well, trying to fight the leash still. They are smart but stuborn.

Pua looking for ants

Pua running along

Zoomy happy tail - pua

Not so happy Stewie

Pua finding ants

Let's turn around now

Stewie determined to go in the bushes

Stewie pooping

Looking for ants

Stewie checking things out

Heading back

Pua was back in the car and setting in already

A couple basket theives

What's going on up there

Maybe we could go back out

This is interesting

Couple tired dogs

They liked the new "carseat" and slept on the ride home

Stewie went crazy

Stewie attacks the armoral

Armoral smells like ants, mmm mmm

See mom I may not be a movie start but I'm ready for commercials.