Pua and Stewie

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She kept following him around nosing and sniffing his rear but the boy just said ew girl cooties and kept running away.

After some coaxing the really went at it and forgot me though a couple times they pawed at me.

Anteater Wrestle mania

She kept wrapping her tail around his neck

Anteater Heart

hand poking

Where'd he go?

Hand Poking

Look at that blissful look on her face.

Arm massage

And a tail hug

Later I had them both in the cage because Pua kept sratching at the door. I have both hammocks in there now. At first he huffed and gruffed at her like normal, but otherwise ignored her but then she talked him into playing once he finished his orange. He's a little food possesive but just makes noise and backs down if he thinks she wants it for real.

Then later she got out time but then back in and she woke him up and they were wrestling in his hammock and claw fighting. seemed like they would nap a little then play again but this morning she came out to eat and sleep with me the rest till i got up.

Oh she seemed to keep sticking her but in his face intentionaly while wrestling but he didn't get the hint yet.