Weekly Walk

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"This harness is such a bother"

She went back and forth along the bike path before deciding to go her usual way. She has a tremendous sense of direction and is a little habitual about certain things

"I told you anteaters do not pose"

The always multi-tasking Pua

Peeing and eating ants at the same time. She squatted then found some ants right there.

Mmm ant hole

And some more here

Heading for the river

Across the driftwood pile

Love the way she literally smooshes her nose against things when sniffing

Hold on, I'm sure I can find a waty across this thing.

rear claws in action

Hey, where's the rest of the stepping stones?

To cold to swim, not enough stones, grumble, grumble

Heading back

Maybe these stones go somewhere

going up the big stone

No ants here


slipped and fell in, now getting out

Back on the big stone, sith tail splashing

The never ending search for a man leads Pua to the mens room.

Due to Tamanduas cycling so often that's a bit of a joke here. She just knows doors and wants to see the other side.

Tired tail

Tired and cold and heading for the car