More Pua

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Plat time in the toy bin

Wall of Claws

"Oh boy, my toy"


toe licking

Must get between them all

Tummy licking

OMG, how rude!!

Can't a girl even take a bath in private?

gotch'yer nose

We were kissing then she grabbed my nose in her claw. I think it's mimmicing. I had to treat her ears she started licking out mine. I had to treat her eyes and she for a time started going after mine. I wipe her nose clean after she eats she now likes to grab my nose.


sleeping at the shop

she poked her head out for some air

I tried turning for better light but it didn't work well

"Turn that sun off, please"

I thought she was cute perching like this

Posing as a vulture

Fight strategy; hang by your tail and claw ant anything in reach

"I don't do mornings"