Pua's Weekly Hike

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Took her in the woods here's a couple videos of her walking down the trail

Pua walking in the woods

Pic of her heading down the trail

speeding up
Stopping to pee

She stopped to poop later and a dog and a couple came up behind us. His dog was off leash so ready to grab Pua up. He called out "is your dog on a leash" Said yes but she's not a dog though didn't say the last real loud. I didn't pick her up till she wad done and they were closer then they saw what she was. He answered his own question of if your dog's on a leash "No, cuz it's not a dog" Talked a bit then Pua got tired of being held so let her head on down the trail. They passed later and she just ignred their dog they did keep it back too though.

She was getting a bit bored with the same trail and kept going up trees and into bushes and trying to wander off the path.

The dog didn't scare her but she didn't like hearing wood peckers laugh or in this case a tree groaning in the breeze.

She was really frozen so finaly told her everything was fine and we moved on.

It seems as if she babbies that left rear leg when running full speed but if it's a problem and not just her weird way of running it doesn't seem to effect her any other time. I had readone account somewhere that tamanduas can't reach a gallop like the giants but Pua obviously does.

She was thrilled to find the new trail and gave up on wandering and just trucked a long
Here she was turning around

Runing with her tail up

Even walking back she ran most of the way but did try to stray a little more.

There was a woodpecker real close to the trail at one point laughing and she wanted to run back the other way finaly had to cary her past. If she hadn't of freaked would have gotton a pick.

Heading back across the bridge

Heading down the path to the parking lot. She didn't quite make it to the car went to a truck instead so bagged her there. I carry her soft sided crate in case she needs put up.