kisses and hugs

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These first pics are after Pua's hike the other day. She had a snack then a good nap.

I looked over later and she was reclind in her hammock with her arm resting on the side but she moved her arm when I came over.

A little finger squeezing
And hand holding

Then some grooming

and hugging.

She still likes the idea of my joining her in her hammock.

Then some kissing. She likes to french kiss though.

A nother snack

she's eating a lot more with a little milk powder in or on her food.

The next morning.

Hyzzie in the morning moping because I was going back to work

Her ear. You can see the hair grew back but if you click large I see one small spot the crust is trying to come back so will need treated for a bit.

In compairison I took a pic of her uneffected ear though up close you can see it got uneven edges too but it came that way so don't know why. They both need some cream occasionaly though or they get dry.

Last night I got up to do some last minute laundry and Pua didn't want me getting up so clung to me. When I got to the machine put her down on her pad. Guess she though I wanted her to go and she went into the closet but nothing came out.

"sorry I tried but just can't pee right now"
When I reached for her she decided we needed to wrestle for awhile. Then she sort of flipped around on those bars a bit before coming back to bed.