Pua the janitor

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Some other pictures first.

After a few to many people pet her. Pua went and curled up in the cubby under the register.
A girl needs her beauty rest you know.

A squirmy wrestly Pua
Pua likes when i ad some kitten milk to her gruel

A pretty profile

I got a couple sample treats in the mail of cellery sticks for dogs. They liked them but cut them in half for them.

Click one of the camera and Hyzzie has her whole treat.

Click two and she has half a treat.

Click three and it's gone.

All the animals act like they are starving lately wanting to pack on pounds for winter.

Quasi ate his more slowly though.

Alrighy Paua today. I let her sleep late then took her out for her walk. When she came back in she went into the bathroom but rather than go behind the toilet she decided this might be nicer.

A little hard to get comfortable though.

So I gave her a blanket

And she moved it around trying to get comfy

And did a good job of it.