Time to Wean the baby

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Pua's early AM feedings are just to much now. And it nearly killed my computer. I fell asleep twice while feeding her and wound up spilling the food on the bed and on my computer. I spent all day repairing as much of the damage as I could. It seemed basicaly okay then got worse later. So finished with that I woke Pua anbd fed her and then let her go back to sleep. I suppose I'll just wake her every hour and offer food durng the day like she wakes me every hour at night, usulay startng at around 3 am. I can keep her out of her cage and on my lap most of the time at the store.
The problem the is the night time. Cold turkey we'd both be misserabe. Thought about just every other request then slowy respod less but that seems too cofusing. So thinking to just ignore her first request for a coupe nghts then the next ect. So the feedings get to be later the mornings till it reaches a reasonable hour.

So today had to remove my keybord from my laptop then let it dry all the way before putting it back in. In both cases each day removed all they keys then put them back. Lots better but not 100% and couldn't get 3 of the arrow keys back on. This poor keyboard has been abused a few to many times.

Pua lies to sit on y computer and I'm really not sure why. THis isn't how the food got spillet but could have been. You can also see the wound on the bac of her head she came with. It had a huge scab but it healing now. Finaly shed the big scab for a more normal scabing over.

This morning pua peed in her crate on the way to work. Got her blanket and both her hammocks. And since I didn't now right away me when I got out her hammock. Well she was active but being good so just let her be as I went and rinsed everything out. At first she sat on the des then dissapeared and was way to quite. This is where I found her in back.

Jupiter being a little piggy and shoving his face all the way to the bottum of his bowl.