Pua in the Park

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Was a very busy couple days off but I took Pua to the park for a bit today anyway. She would have rather slept till she realised where she was then came out of her carrier but she didn't go for the big old stupm like we thought she would she went running off in another dirrection right away.

She's actualy really good on the leash. Wasn't to interested in going in the bushes or looking for food or running away she was just having fun exploring and if she did go a bit to far a tug back she was back on the right track.

Pua Peeing. I didn't realize that's what she was doing at first because she was sniffing them peed. She pooped later too so she's pooping ever 2-3 days now like wild tams do so that's okay with me.

Running dow the trail again. Then she heard the river and kept wanting to go down there but wasn't in a place we could go so she got tugged a few times. Here she thought she could get to the river across that log. Took a few tuggs to turn her around then picked her up and put her back on the trail and she turned around and headed back.

She finaly found something to dig up and eat here but wasn't to interested in the stump it's self.

Finaly I found a place where it was safe to let her go down to the river. She couldn't decide if she wanted to try going in or go along the bank but there was no real place along the bank so had to turn her back.

I took the pick then grabbed her off was the only time she tried to climb.

a hollow under some old fallen tree roots. She found a little something here too.

Just after this last pic we all discovered the hollow log as Pua started to go down it and had to take her back out. Then my mom told me it was later than it was so we packed Pua up and left but she had a good walk for her first time in the park and slept good after.