Quasi loves Bunny

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Evening of 10/26 ....and bunny loves Quasi. Poor Quasi is still sitting in his bed there whining for it to be let out and it is right up against the cage next to him. They wanna cuddle.

Please mom let her out?

He's obsessed with it. He and the bunny are now sleeping next to each other through the cage. When I first put it in it went right into the bed/house but it would rather lay next to Quasi now.

My Kat used to play with a wild bunny that befriended her. They did that in the yard, kinda. she'd groom it then it tried to suckle. It looked to be a full gron bunny but she's a BIG kitty, lol. She swat it then it would bounce all around the yard then stop infront of her and wait to be swatted awain then hop around. Kat was to lazy to run herself. It didn't always try to suckle first but that's how the game got started.

I did take it out for a little bit and Quasi was more cautiouse without bars between them. He needed my hand on him for reasurance. Hyzzie on the other hand was acting a little preditory so didn't keep it out long. When I went to put it baqck it hid it's face in my arm and fell asleep. It's a very sweet bunny and has eaten more so don't think I need to worry now.

it was restless so tried it out again for a bit. It's set at the moment so when I let it out the cage door while open kept the dogs away. It hopped in Hyzzie's dirrection and she scrambled to get away, HA. I let them together with very close supervision but only for a few seconds as both are still jumpy around it when out. They both sniffed and no one attacked. Hyzzie is of the mind that the best defense is a good offense though so need to watch her close with her being so nervouse. Hyzzie has prooven to be a mouser so she's got a lot of issues to keep an eye on. It would be doubly disasterouse if it got injured then the owners came to claim it.

I guess if it winds up staying we'll have to name it Esmerelda cuz that was the name of Quasimoto's love in the story. That's assuming it's a girl. I haven't been rude enough to flip it over and check yet. Bunnies are a bit difficult to sex.

I did try it out a few times with close supper vision but Hyzzie is acting very iffy with it. First tried it on my bed and though quasi just sniffed she growled and lunged at it though was a bluff. She got in trouble. She's tried that a couple times though. Let it out on the floor and it hopped in her dirrection and she scrambled away. So Hyzzie's emotions are still mixed. I tried this morning for a bit too and she was better but still not trust worthy. Quasi's a little more nervouse when there aren't the bars between them but he was nice to it and just sniffed. He whines at me to let it out then gets all shy when I do, lol.