Hyzzie and the bunny

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Quasi and the bunny are getting along Hyzzie isn't sure what it is yet. She thinks she deserves it's food though and woofed at it so quasi went back to guarding the bunny cage just now. I haven't had a chance to try them together again since this morning. Kat came in and looked at bunny this morning but she wasn't to impressed. I'm not worried about her she used to have a wild bunny friend. Next time I get it out I'll be mean and check it's gender.

Well tried the bunny out tonight. First it just wanted to cuddle so I held it awhile and watched tv with it in the living room. So I took the opportunity to give it a grope and it's a boy compleate with dangly bits lol. When it woke up from it's cuddle nap I let it explore the couch and Quasi is fine with it but Hyzzie was licking her lips a lot. She wagged her tail and was sort of doing play bows but still didn't feel it was a good sign. Tried letting it explore my room a bit with me hovering over it. Hyzzie ran if it came in her dirrection but otherwise she kept sneaking up and snapping at it. No stopped her and she'd look guilty then do it again. So far it's still only bluffs and bunny just ignored her but it's not going well so far.
Oh and bunny seems to thing the little cat house bed makes a nice litter box as there were several piles in there. On the other hand it's been napping next to the real litter box.

Kat came in and looked at it for awhile yesterday then left. Didn't seem to impressed. I had some time home this morning due to not feeling well yesterday, dad's running the shop. So let bunny out for a bit to check out the house. Kat did come say hi and sniffed it. Couldn't tell if she liked it but I know she wont be a problem since she had a wild bunny she used to groom and play with.
Hyzzie is still being preditory. She listens when I say no but is really upset I wont let her eat it. she's still just snapping near it but I can't let it continue. Will try a squirt bottle next.
Quasi is a good boy. Bunny has bumped right into him several times and he doesn't mind. He is a little jelouse of any attention I give it though.
Bunny still thinks the best place to poop is in the house bed. Guess it needs a covered litter pan.