I found a bunny

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Well should make an intro post but maybe I'll do that later.


Well she was sitting out front. Well next door but either way right by the high way! Poor thing. So had to take her in. She would have nothing to do with a water bottle so gave her a lid of water she only took a sip and turned her nose up at the water. This just after lady today said how she let two bunnies go across the river. She thought she was being kind by setting them free rather than be stuck in a cage all winter. Hoping it's the neighbors. I let them a note. Will tell the paper tomarrow if not and get a found bunny posted. Then if no one claims it sell it I guess.

later that same day
Was someone's house bunny it made it's self right at home here. She hasn't eaten yet but doesn't seem dehydrated. She might have drank as she splashed a bit around the box at the store but I didn't see her do it. Over all she looks okay so I'll just let her settle in for now. At least I had a cage to stick her in.