House bunny

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He acts like a well manered house bunny. He doesn't pee or poop outside of his cage, hasn't yet anyway, and he knows his way around furniture. He's hopped on and off the couch on his own and on and off my bed. My bed has a trunk next to it for my dogs convenience. He has an easier time getting up and down than they do and they're bigger. He was up and down several times. He was hopping around his cage so tried opening the door and just sitting back on the bed, since Hyzzie was acting decent. She did better without me hoovering over them.
Quasi and the bunny. Well at least I tried to get a pic of them together while out :P
Bunny and the empty treat jar Hyzzie had been playing with.
I'm still not so sure about this ting ~ Hyzzie

Okay I admit to being a slob but the pee pad in the cage is just stained not soiled or I'd change it :P It's actualy paint.

Hyzzie and the bunny!! Oh my!
Hyzzie woofs at the bunny sometimes when it eats it's kibble. She thinks she should have it.