Sept 2015

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I finally found a comfortable position on mom, with my snout deep in her mouth as I dozed off. For some reason she did not agree about this being the most comfortable position, however.

Lots of play with Aurora last night and riding each other and knocking stuff around. It was a good night.

Aurora has emerged from under the bed and come to join me in the closet.

Aurora was tossing and turning in the washer so has come to the closet and is having a cocktail.

We played and chased each other all over last night. Then I tried to take Aurora on a fridge raid but the only thing mom hadn't latched was the freezer. Aurora got in there and clawed open an ant package and was enjoying them. I climbed up on top to standing guard but knocked the treat cups down and woke mom up.

Mom thought it was just me at first and she and Aurora startled each other and Aurora took off. I had mom help me down. It's not easy to climb down from the fridge.

I got up and had my supplements but then I smelled something divine. Coconut! It was coming from the microwave. I tried climbing on the lower shelf next to it to sniff the vents but I couldn't get to it and had to back out of the tight space.

I then tried going behind but the bars just go up and down and no shelf back there. I went back and forth. Mom said to have patience cuz it takes time to turn coconut power into fiber. But I need it now.

I finally got some though and it was so good!

Aurora: I was on my way out but heard Beaker sneeze. Such a scary sound. I think I'll try again though. Nope, went back in the washer after a quick pace around the room.

Aurora: I went out today after my cocktail. It was lovely. Nice and warm but not hot. I didn't sunbath though. Too much exploring to do. I found ants! I peed behind the shed. I went out front some. The guy with the walker was a bit spooky but the car starting was scarier. I was pretty darn brave over all though.

After some cool down pacing I have settled under the bed. Pua has the washer. She did peek out at one point "Why are you all making so much noise?"

Oh I even found some buttermilk on the desk when pacing!

Checking out the wood
Checking out the wood

Checking out what's left of the scrap pile
Checking out what's left of the scrap pile

Found ants!
Found ants!

Hyzzie is unimpressed by Aurora
Hyzzy is unimpressed by Aurora

Time to go in
Time to go in

Now coming in the other door
Now coming in the other door

Smells like wood and dirt but it's not fun
Smells like wood and dirt but it's not fun

I got up and was having a groom sitting next to my vinegar puddle. Mom came over and poured some vinegar and water over me.

How Rude! I stormed off but then stopped in my dinning area to groom at the wet fur. Then she gave me my supplements so I was trying to groom and eat them but it was proving difficult so I'm just eating right now.

Anteater hair, complete with ants. People often ask if we are as soft as we look. No. We have course hair though it's sort of a soft springy sort of course. Mom always says we're like a freshly washed goat(we don't have any greasy feel like they can get when unwashed). We are definitely not a plush sort of soft. The course fur helps keep ants from biting skin and helps channel rain off of us. 

Weird fact the hair on our heads grows up from the sides and back into a tiny sort of peak, instead of down like you'd expect. I'm not sure the evolutionary reason for this other than adding to our cool factor.

I was sleeping in my princess hammock this morning. Once mom was up I headed for the closet so mom went to change the blanket and found Aurora sleeping there but she wasn't actually on the blanket so mom took it anyway and put the new one there. This was unacceptable so Aurora left and is now under the bed. That's okay. I got a nice fresh blanket all to myself.

I heard dinging today so came to the food shelf to check. It wasn't the treat bell but mom's work alarm. How disappointing.

Aurora will now demonstrate how to find ants
(The house was in the process of being stripped for painting)

I didn't wake mom for treats last night. I may need to wake her twice as often tonight to make up for it.

Oh and at one point she did here us and get up to get Aurora's soup put out. We were playing in the princess hammock but once Aurora realized her food was coming she took off. Way to ruin our play date mom.

I woke mom for more treats last night. I also tried a fridge raid but wound up on top again. The treat cups falling woke mom sot hat she could rescue me.

Someone is moving about under the bed today.

Aurora got her cocktail then mom came back to get the bowl. Mom had put my toy(the fabric dispenser) back in place when she gave the bowl it was part way pulled out when mom came back and Aurora was sitting up. Guess she likes to play with my toy too.

I went back and forth between the closet nest and the washer today. I've been spending my mornings in the washer with Aurora then when it warms up going to the closet then when it cools going back to the washer. But I couldn't find Aurora today so I have the washer to myself.

I went back and forth between the closet nest and the washer today. I've been spending my mornings in the washer with Aurora then when it warms up going to the closet then when it cools going back to the washer. But I couldn't find Aurora today so I have the washer to myself.

In the wee hours of the morning we were running around chasing each other and playing. I did battle with Aurora on the bridge thing we use from my dinning area to the shelves. Mom enjoyed watching us since it was not totally dark for a change. Mom is sorry she did not record us but she did not want to startle Aurora with movements to get it.

A bit later we got cranky and Aurora was pacing around going under the bed but not staying and we kept going in and out of the washer. Mom was like: I just changed your blanket. But she finally came to check.

Yeah you took the old blanket out and cleaned it but forgot to put a new one in. No I don't see how your inattention is my fault just for waking you repeatedly for treats. This is your job.
Aurora settled right into the freshly blanketed washer. I demanded one more treat first.