Nov 2015

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Mom decided I needed a pedicure So she came to the closet nest and let me have a cup of ants. Since I was laying on my back I just took the cup in hand and started eating.

Then mom started trimming nails while I ate my ants. It was going smoothly. But then something must have gone down wrong. I started tongue flicking and making little grunts. I sat up. I tried licking mom's nose. She tried offering me water but I didn't want to swallow anything when it was feeling funny already.

Now I've got a new reason not to like nail trims.
Time laps: it was an allergy attack. I was wheezing badly in my sleep after the nail incident. My oddly halting breath pattern when sleeping makes this seem even scarier. Mom used Grandma's stethoscope to listen to my lungs, some serious wheezing going on. Mom gave me some Benadryl and snuggled with me as it kicked in.

I'm breathing fine now, though when mom slipped her arm out from under my head my nose pointed down some and I got a snorry sort of purr sound then but no more wheezing.
See mom I'm allergic to nail trimming.

MOM: maybe you inhaled some ant acid

Pua: No, cut that out

Pua Tamandua Sleeping deep and peaceful.

I heard you messing with treat cups. Where's my treat? Huh, what does the fact you were washing them have to do with this? I need a treat.

Aurora climbing the cage
Aurora climbing the cage

Oh hey mom I see you found me in the washer. Did you come to join us. What are you waiving around in front of my face. I'm trying to sleep here. Oh wait is that my cheesy supplements? I got this now.

"You're going to spill it"

I got this,go away.

"You're tipping it"

Let go, I got this.

"You've got all your weight on one side of the cup. It's going to spill."

I don't need you for this. I know how to eat, mom.

"You'll soil the blanket with it."

*sigh* fine *shifts weight" Happy?

"Yes, that's better" *leaves*

Dang mom's gotta micromanage everything.

Got up. Had my supplements. Now time to nap in the closet nest.

Mom was cleaning the closet in preparation for patching and repainting(sometimes when an anteater gets bored we just gotta pick at things). So I got up and came to the closet as she was getting into it and she had to scrambled to put the pad and blanket back.

Oh and I got a new stiffer pad. I tore huge holes in the old one. Vinyl is fun to claw at.

So here I am, mom put a "glass filter" on the cross bar since she hadn't been able to clean that yet.

Did you bring me extra treats?

Snuggled in

I kept bugging mom for treats last night but I hadn't touched my food so she started giving me treat cups with some of my food in them. Not funny mom. Not funny at all.

Aurora: The human came and opened the washer and poked Pua's foot. She got some ants but they don't interest me in cups. I left the washer after and ran around the room and threw a couple books down and went to the closet. I got a cocktail out of the ordeal.

Aurora: After having the room to myself for a bit I have gone back to the washer. The washer is a sacred place that is meant to be free of disturbances. Maybe we need a: humans stay out sign.

Got up and had a drink then went to the closet. Sharing the washer with Aurora is nice and toasty but I do like to stretch out.

There's been many nights where I've not touched my food lately but I've still been pooping and Aurora's soup has been dispersing in larger amounts.

Mom tried making a new batch of food a bit different in the middle of this and of course I didn't touch it. She had a container of old left so night before last she put both out. I picked at the old. She put both out again last night. I didn't touch any till morning right before turning in but I ate a good amount of the new.

Got to keep her guessing and on her toes.

Pua Tamandua Guess Aurora didn't get the memo about the plans to paint today, now that the patching is dry.

 I found an orange
I found an orange
I like oranges

 Getting the last drops
Your orange? But it was on my counter!

The one and only time I ever watched TV was long ago. The bunny cage was in front of the TV and I was walking along it and stopped to watch. I began hissing and crying at it till commercial then I went on my way again. It was Law&Order: SVU. Obviously that is the worst show ever made.

Aurora: *Looks out of washer* What is that horrible smell? Are you burning the house down?
Human: No that's just incense.

Aurora: Well, cut it out. That's gross. You should know better. *Retreats into washer*

Pua Tamandua I don't like it when mom tries to take photos of me yawning so I turn my head away when I have to yawn and she has the camera.

Pua Tamandua Are you looking at my butt?
(I love the shadow in this one).

I was minding my own business at 3AM trying to beg some treats when the microwave tried to kill me! I had been standing on it and anchored my tail in back to lean out and beg when it tipped.

Mom turned into super woman and somehow got there in tine to grab the microwave. I had gone flying forward though and grabbed the handle and the door flew open and I was hanging by it.

Mom was all "You need to climb back up"

"I can't!"

"You need to climb back up. I can't push it back with you. It's too heavy."

"Then we're all gonna die cuz' I can't!"

At this point the microwave made another attempt on my life by tossing it's glass rotation tray. It missed me but fell onto a paint can and shattered into a gazzion pieces.

That fright was enough to make me find the strength to somehow climb back up and fast. And then mom pushed the microwave back up and into place.

I ran off a way but I gotta say, I've never seen someone that mad and impressed at the same time.

Mom, "What the heck, Pua, that has been there for years without incident. How did you even move it? That things really heavy!"

"I believe the scientific term you are looking for is leverage but I'm no scientists, I could be wrong. I'm just an anteater."

Mom: "There's glass everywhere, literally everywhere!"

"Yeah that thing really exploded when it hit the can."

Mom: "There's glass in the dog bowls. There's pieces all the way across the room!"

"You know I never did get my treat. How long does it take to clean up a bit of glass anyway?"

"I keep finding more!"

Then she picked up the paint can. Mind you she grabbed the side of the can but was still stabbed by a microscopic sliver of glass and then bled like a stuck pig as she continued sweeping up glass.

Finally she was done, moved the microwave to the floor and gave me a treat so I'd quit bugging her and then called me "The most troublesome pet ever."

Hey now, none of this was my fault the microwave attacked me.

Mom was heading to bed when Aurora made herself known. "I'd like my second bowl of soup while you're up."

Mom: "Fine I'll bring it to you but if my feet get all cut up..."

"You'll what, huih? If your feet get all cut up then you did a sucky job cleaning, that's what and you know it."

The microwave has been moved to the other side of the room where I normally don't go since I can't get there from the shelves. I don't like going down onto the floor any more.

Pua Tamandua's photo.
Pua Tamandua's photo.
Mom and Grampa spent all day making me this box yesterday. Though I suspect it was more for her as she was tired of all the falling wood bits to clean up. I am suspicious of new things so avoided going into it at first by going from shelf to hammock then clawing the wood from the hammock.
Eventually I went into it and I can still climb down from there to bug mom due to the tail poles at the corner. I found begging a bit hindered otherwise. 6" comes up past my middle. I look like a person leaning on a garden fence. There's no tail hold behind me if I climb on the edge and the hammock is farther from the action than I like.

Aurora was even more worried about the thing. She kept stopping at a distance and running away. Maybe it was due to smelling Grampa on it. But right before turning in she decided it was okay and reincorporated it into her jogging route.

Pua Tamandua's photo.
Pua Tamandua's photo.
Chillin in the closet with Aurora. She's got her period.

Aurora was just sitting on the dresser chillin this morning but she heard mom grab the camera. She wasn't sure if mom was really awake or not though so she crept away instead of ran.
Also it seems Aurora likes to sit on the shelves and watch mom when she thinks mom is asleep.

You may remember some time back when mom heard Aurora apparently having some sort of party under the bed. Well mom checked out that drawer as part of fall cleaning and Aurora has unrolled an old cassette tape and made a tangled nest of it. She also shredded a couple of unimportant books.

Holding Aurora's foot to sleep. My other arm was between her legs cuz' I was hugging her tail and using her rump as a pillow.

So mom got the clever idea to move Aurora's food bowl to my dinning area. It would mean less cleaning and Aurora's smart and a bit less high strung than before right. And the bowl's right there so she has to see it as she walks by.

Nope. Aurora paced all night complaining. I think she was convinced it was a trap of some kind. At one point Aurora tossed a book down. Mom got up to see what happened and Aurora started running but in place as books went flying till she fell, grabbing at books as she went taking more with her. At least she left plenty of books for mom to clean up to make her point.

Mom finally gave in about an hour before time for Aurora to turn in and mom get up and moved the bowl back to the shelf.

When mom brought me my afternoon supplements it took some time to wake up. I held onto mom's hand while I did and then kept holding on while I ate. Then I needed a few kisses before letting her go.