July Pt 2

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Pua hugging her toy
Pua hugging her toy
Aurora: I went back out. I laid down to have a sunbath by the shed instead only to have the servant bump into the shed and startle me. I told her off. It ruined the whole thing.
So I went to the front yard only to be scared by someone vacuuming a car. I bolted for the gate but once I was inside the gate I went back to a leisurely stroll. I don't think anyone saw me panic other than the servant and she doesn't count.

Then when I went to go inside Beaker was in the way. That's just so rude so I turned around and stayed out a bit longer. When I did come in I couldn't decide where to sleep but did have a snack.

I tried going back out but each time I got into the sun I realized it was actually hot out so turned back immediately. I have finally settled into the closet nest with Pua

Aurora: was in the washer with Pua and moved to the closet then she joined me there and I went to the washer then she joined me there so I went to the closet. So she joined me there.
I had a cocktail but she came running and stole half. I went outside and thunder rolled and a dog barked so I came back in. I got another cocktail and Pua stole half again. I tied going out again but there was more thunder. I sniffed and looked around.

The human said there's thunder. I sniffed and looked and said but it's sunny. She said yeah but a storms rolling in. I sniffed a bit more and came in and went in the washer.

I decided she may be wrong though so tried one more time but it's not sunny now and there was louder thunder and barking dogs. I've decided to join Pua in the closet after all. There's safety in numbers.

Hyzzie would wear a sleep mask, if she were human.
Hyzzie would wear a sleep mask, if she were human.

Beaker thinks he is human
Beaker thinks he is human
Aurora: This mess was Pua's fault. She sticks her claws in my soup then shoves at my face.

"ooff, ugh, hey, ahh" Did you really have to step on me Aurora? With every claw?

Aurora: You were sprawled out all over the closet nest. It couldn't be avoided.

Aurora: I went out for a bit. The neighbors were lurking out front and wanted to see me. They tried to be respectful and quite but I had already heard them so I headed for the gate. The servant took me over closer though so they could see before letting me back in. I don't know what her problem is. I thought I made my intentions clear.

After I strolled around the garden. Came back in and had some soup. And, yeah, stepped on Pua but we're playing now.

"Time to poke a Pu.." No I do not approve of that phrase.

Aurora has her period. Guess that's why shes been sleeping so much.

Aurora: I went for my evening walk. It's nice and cool tonight. I got excited when I heard sirens. I wasn't scared. I just like to run sometimes. I'm having a second cocktail since Pua stole half of my first one.

Aurora: I had a nice little stroll tonight. I spent most of my time in the garden. I came in when we heard something crashing around in the neighbor's bushes, probably raccoons. I don't like crashy, rattly bushes sort of noises.

Aurora: I went out and had a nice long sunbath on the old stones. They reflect heat nicely so all sides get toasty. Then I had a nice long stroll around. The servant kept complaining about it being hot. I gave her a look. "What are you talking about? It's lovely out."

I found some ants hiding under some of the firewood logs. I also found a mole tunnel. I dug into it and suck my head down into it deep but my body didn't fit. So much for the escape tunnel.

"You're wearing tin foil. That's smart" Yesterdays cooling jacket comment for Hyzzie dog.

Aurora: I had a nice stroll around last night. I went out to sunbath today but a neighbor dog kept barking and it ruined the mood so I came back in.

The Evil Washer was running and there wasn't even any vinegar on it to bath in. So I peed on the drier. That that serve as a warning for you, Evil Washer.

Aurora: I went outside but I went around back heading for the gate then heard some odd noises and hesitated.

That was long enough for my legs to run into jello and I had a sunbath. I melted all the way flat to the ground and lay by the log pile. Then Beaker barked and turns out a cat was in the shed so I got back up and headed out front.

The neighbors were out and spraying water around. Spraying water is scary so I went back in but then I decided to chance it and went back out. I crept close enough to the flowerbed to get a few drops of water on me. I then ran away but it was thrilling so I came back and did it a few more times.

It was an exciting adventure but I think I've finally had enough for now.

Aurora: When I got up I stuck my hand out of the washer and the human came and pet my palm. She's a weirdo. When I finally came out I threw the washer lid wide open. The servant had to close it so Pua could keep sleeping.

I had a nice sunbath and stroll around. The neighbor's garage was open but the servant wouldn't let me go in and explore it.

I was having a lot of fun strolling around this afternoon. I was crossing the front lawn when all of a sudden one of the neighbors across the way revved their truck engine loud. That sounds too much like growling so I bolted for the back yard.

Well, hello there.

I see you watching me
I see you watching me

Who left the lid open?

I spent the day snuggled down in a blanket in the closet nest. Aurora had the washer. She had her cocktail and now has come to the closet to join me. Seems she doesn't plan to go out tonight.

Had some nice playtime with Aurora in the closet. Then she got distracted watching mom make dog food so I had to pounce her extra hard to get her back into wild play.

Now she's eating soup and I was having my avocado slice. Mom came by and said she was going to kiss me. She was aiming for my head but I lifted my snout to kiss her back. Avocado kisses! You're welcome.

Mom came and pulled the blanket out from under me! But then she gave me a new one and tucked me in so I'm happy in the closet nest.

She also trimmed Aurora's nail a bit. She got a treat of buttermilk but she still found this too unsettling so has come to join me in the closet too.

Aurora: went out for a run it was nice. I had some ants but then it got boring. I'm back in the closet nest and have complained about it to Pua.

Aurora: I went out for a sunbath. Came back in and napped in the washer. I'm having some late morning soup now.

Aurora: I got back up and ran around for a couple hours at least. I went on to a new yard and it made me very hyper but the servant kept saying they didn't want me on the next lawn over after that one(that's not possible you must be confused) and she kept not letting me go under a cluster of cars saying I might get lost.

I was checking out their flower bed and ignoring their dogs barking at me when I was minding my own business walking down the walkway and WAM a cat jumped out and wacked me. What the heck lady I didn't do anything to you.

That scared me so I ran to the door and demanded to be let in but the servant kept saying that's not our house. I don't understand the problem. It's a door. Opening doors is your job.
After we got back to our own drive way I ran for the gate. But I wasn't done yet. I started with going out a door circling around and coming back in a gate or vice versa.

So then the human decided it would be a good time to practice harness skills. I didn't mind wearing it but did mind when she tried to make me go a direction I didn't want.

I started going out and back in quickly and I guess I wore my human out as she closed me in but I turned right it without even any pacing and am now sleeping in the washer.

No wait I'm peaking out and sniffing...

PS the servant got a pick of me in my new harness to show it off. I'm not into fashion my self but whatever.

She's a mean cat. I've been told she used to hide under our cars and attack the dogs when they went out for walks. She stopped doing it after being sprayed by the hose a few times.

Let me in!
Let me in!

Pretty Aurora
Pretty Aurora

Aurora from above
Aurora from above

Face shot
Face shot

Stand off
Stand off
Aurora had to go around Hyzzie

Aurora: I'm not so sure I want t go out again today. So everyone once in a while I get up, take a lap around the room, then turn back into the washer.

Something weird with Aurora's nose

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Aurora: I went for a small walk today. It was nice enough but not nice enough for a sun bath. The servant became obsessed with getting photos of my nose and looking at it. Seems I've developed red spots on my nose. Or more precisely I've lost spots of pigment on my nose. There's no signs it was ever damaged. Maybe I've got Vitiligo or I've contracted "snow nose" from the canines.PS neither condition is actually contagious or anything to worry about, just odd. (note from the future these went away, so guess she did scrape it *shrug*)

So that little tiny hole I poked in the washer drain tube caused a flood? Bwahhahaha, cool.

Aurora stayed in today though halfway through the day she joined me in the closet. I was burrowed down in the blanket so deep it looked like just a big roll of blanket. I just got up for a snack of ants, now back to bed.

Aurora: I went out this morning and had a sunbath and a small stroll then came in and got locked in so the servant could "work". Um, hey you work for me!

I went back out this afternoon for awhile and got locked in cuz the servant was too hot. I went back out after a rest and was walking all around. I tried to cross the street, boy that was hot. The servant took me off the street cuz I was "dong the lizard walk". Hey it was hot and I could only lift two limbs at a time.She locked me in again after that so I'm in the closet with Pua.

Had some play time with Aurora last night. She was following me and trying to ride me so I went to play with mom. I thought I could play with them both at the same time but Aurora didn't like the idea. She did come by me once and I tried pouncing her but she just kept going. She should play with mom. It's fun.

Aurora: I went out for some sun then walked around awhile. The servant carried her laptop so she could work and watch me but she was grumpy about it since it's heavy. She just needs to build her muscles. Humans have puny arms.

When I came back in for a moment she closed me in so she could finish up her work. How rude. I paced all around then found a cup of buttermilk on her desk. I was chugging away when I heard the servant breath and suddenly remembered I was next to a human so ran away.

She opened the door and we went back out and the human said the ground was hot so went back for her shoes and I waited at the gate. She opened the gate finally and I went out and did a circle around the house then went back in. That way it looks like my idea rather than her being right. But it sure was hot so I'm in the closet with Pua now.

Dear, Aurora, If you must walk across my belly like I'm a door mat, Could you at least not stop and stand there? Thanks ~ Pua