More Claw, More Cuddles

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So you think duct tape fixes everything huh, mom? We'll just see about that.

PS: we are not talking about Aurora's claw, but the attempt to fence me away from the drain tubes.

For those of you who wanted to see here is Aurora's claw injury, the worst part anyway.

So far the duct tape is still in place but I'm still a little off from Aurora's kidnapping so don't get lulled into a sense of security just yet. I may still find my way to those drain tubes when you least expect it.

I was feeling more myself last night and rang the bell a few times for treats. Aurora and I slept in the closet together so mom bribed me to the shelf with some blue cheese while mom gave Aurora medicated yogurt. Well soon as I saw Aurora has something I forgot all about my cheese and tried to go steal but mom kept blocking my way. I gave up after a bit and went back to my cheese.

Aurora and I were balled up side by side in the closet nest like a couple furry eggs when mom came with treats. I really didn't want any blue cheese though. Aurora got her special treat. I wanted to steal but was facing the other way from her. I tried to sit up and turn around but mom blocked me. I was to tired to put up much of a fight to curled back up.

Growling and hissing, and kickboxing, oh the chaos that ensues when mom dares touch Aurora's hand and claw with a wet wipe(surgical scrub from vet actually).

I was sleeping in the washer and Aurora is at the open end of the closet nest so she can flee quickly if someone comes at her with a wet wipe. I know her medicated treat time is noon though so I moseyed on over to the closet at 11:30 and am now laying on top of her. I will not miss out on treat time.

Sleepy Pua

Sleepy Pua

Aurora always takes the best spots
Aurora always takes the best spot

Mom gave me ants while Aurora had her medicated yogurt. When I got done I took a sniff of hers and recoiled, "That smells like bananas" and curled back up to sleep. Apparently Aurora's medicine is bananas. Guess she doesn't care what's mixed with her yogurt long as there's yogurt. But bananas, that's just nasty.

Treat time went well enough. I wanted to try Aurora's yogurt but was too tired to put up a fight and mom just held me in place by my arm. I had some ants but I was almost too tired to eat those. I was glad to go back to sleep.

Still so tired. I did not want any ants and I sniffed Aurora's treat and just curled back up instead. I accidentally spilled some of Aurora's treat while moving about but it's okay she was on the Naugahyde mattress so she just licked that up too.

Woke mom with lots of excited bell jingling. I got a treat and Aurora got some fresh soup. Aurora was pacing up an down the closet shelves as she waited so mom grabbed her hand a moment and had a look. The part that was exposed flesh looking before is white dry scabby now.

I rang those bells like a pro this morning. I was grabbing and dropping the fancy bells while my tail had hold of the jingle bells jingling it too.

I was more energetic this morning and ate my ants and then mom had to fight me off from taking Aurora's treat. Tonight Mom just gave me extra treats to keep me busy longer. Aurora is a slow eater.

Aurora's claw now
Aurora's claw now
This looks much different on camera than in person. It looks almost hallow in front of the pad here but with the naked eye it looks like a huge scabbed area with a little bit of white scar tissue at the back of it.

Got up had a snack, played a bit, now to nap in the washer

Aurora: OMG, the human servant came to the closet nest and held and looked at my hand and claw. Then she proceeded to pet me! I was forced to flee to the shelter of my hut to save myself.

She claimed I've been camped in the nest too long and the blanket had to be changed. Lady seriously needs to learn her place. I was not ready to move.

I rang the bell so hard I dropped it to the floor again. Mom sleeps too soundly sometimes.

We are sleeping happily in the closet nest today though when moms work alarm went off this morning it sent Aurora running out across the shelves in a panic. She came right back though. Me I always assume that sound means I get a treat.

Got up and had a good groom then asked for a treat and went back to bed. It's way to early to be up.

I'm sleeping in the washer today. It's been awhile but it's nice to be back.

Aurora is still in the closet nest. She re-injured her claw last night but it has already scabbed up nicely.

So I was getting Aurora soup and saw she has an injury at the base of the claw on her good hand too. It's little compared to the other but what did you do to injure both last night? What did you do? Do you need to wear mittens? A padded room perhaps? ~ Pua's mommy

We both slept in the closet nest today so mom hosed the washer out and the jungle blanket is in place.

Morning Aurora
Morning Aurora
Her hair is short so you can see her skin and the orange skin film but at least she has hair. That's better than she was before her supplements.

Aurora pretending to be an egg in the nest
Aurora prentending to be an egg in the nest

Well, poop, mom needs to find me a new joint supplement. My blood sugar goes up when I'm taking my joint supplement. It was 188 tonight. Some research and mom found out Creatine increases blood glucose and causes abnormalities in insulin production. All the best joint supplements seem to have this stuff in it.

Mom bought me some powdered sweet potato to add to future food now. Chia and sweet potato got me down to 140's from 250's(fasting values). I just started on milk thistle(capsule but mom opens it and mixes it with my treat) and marjoram. These help heal the liver and lower blood sugar. It all made a lot more sense once we learned how much the liver is involved in regulating blood sugar. My liver was adversely effected when I had my illness when younger. We'll add some of Hyzzies reversitol(grape seed extract). Hyzzie uses it for her brain but it helps her joints too. It could help my joints too and there is some info that grape seed extract can help blood sugar.

Aurora decided to sleep in the nice clean washer today so I slept in the closet nest.

Sleepy Pua
Sleepy Pua

Aurora's good claw is just a cut across the finger pad so not a claw injury like the other, yay.

Her injured claw still does not look infected but there is sort of a pocket between the pad and the claw and it is filled with wet blood stuff. Mom put some triple antibiotic cream on/in there and everything is nice and clean.

Aurora was mad about this close inception and treatment but mom took full advantage of her being trapped in the washer instead of on a closet shelf. Mom will keep putting cream on it daily for awhile since she's off the systemic antibiotics.

Actually I guess it's healing well. When Stewie accidentally poked a hole through the base of mom's thumbnail that one time it leaked blood and other stuff for a good long time.

Aurora: I did not appreciate my servant grabbing my hand and trying to put goo on it. I was not amused or cooperative. The treat after was nice but I am going to cry about it anyway.

I have the washer today and Aurora has the closet. She had a bit of food and has turned back in for the day.

Aurora went to bed this morning with a small match head sized hole under her finger under the claw that was dark red and wet looking. Tonight she woke with a much bigger whole(like half a dime maybe) with thick scabbing around the edges but with pink though a bit irritated healthy looking center.

Mom's guesses in order of most likely to least are, dead skin pealed off, a puss pocket burst(or maybe some sort of combo of these first two), or it's a spreading infection. Mom put some of that powerful smelling stuff on it this time as she say's it's powerful stuff. Aurora was very upset and went to pout in the hut though she did stop to have her yogurt on the way so I think a lot of that was for show. I know she doesn't like the smell though no one does(it's neem oil).

Mom will keep a close eye on it and if the hole grows more we can put her on a round of baytril which is more powerful than the clavomox first used as a preventative.

In less gory news I got up and had my treat and am now taking my wake up nap in the hammock.

Oh and Aurora has moved back to the closet nest, which mom changed the bedding of while Aurora was pouting in the hut so it's nice and clean for her.

Aurora and I are sharing the washer today. Mom came and inspected her claw. It's looks good today. Lots of scabbing over the area with just a sliver of pink by the claw. Mom put a bit of antibiotic cream on anyway. Aurora had her treat and then came out and paced the room once in protest but then came back to the washer with me.

PS I fail to see why mom was saying no more treats for me just because I left three piles of vomit in my dinner area. I mean obviously my tummy is empty and I need to fill it.

PPS no worries I am known for my weak stomach so long as it's just the one night it's cool.

I've got the closet today and Aurora is snug in the washer wrapped up in her blanket.

We are still sleeping in the closet nest. We were cooing in our sleep then mom started muttering to her self as she got Hyzzie her supplements, uh I mean telling Hyzzie about her wonderful supplements and Aurora gave a long huffy hissing sigh, like c'mon lady, we're trying to sleep here.

I pinched mom awake for my treats last night till she got mad that I kept pinching her and moved to where I couldn't reach her. Early this morning Aurora woke mom up for some more soup simply by walking across the desk to get her attention.

What are you doing? No don't touch me! Not my hand! No don't LOOK at it! Stop it! Don't look! Okay fine I'm out of here. No I don't want that. Leave me alone! ... Wait is that sour cream! Okay cool, yum. And back to bed. (my evening so far, Aurora)

Was it so wrong to wake mom up my yanking her hair? I mean people were hungry. Our not starving hinges on her!

My mattress isn't the most comfortable but she is nice and warm.
Pua's got a lumpy mattress

Beaker and his new CareBear
Beaker and his new Care Bear

Aurora: Our servant came to give us treats. Pua wasn't too thrilled with hers so she sniffed mine. Mine was great but she wasn't to interested so then she tried to curl up in my spot and she spilled everything. Then she changed her mind and started eating what was left of mine. She's a bit of a pig sometimes.

Pua: Hey now I'm only 15.4 pounds right now. That's like my usual summer weight. I'm nice and trim. I just like your treats and spot to sleep.

Aurora's claw looks good still lots of scab but looks nice.

Mom fixed the big bell so it's clipped to the jingle bell chain and can't fall. I rang those bells a lot it was great. I did go to wake mom in person once and I startled her and she raised up and bumped into me.


  1. Joan Says:

    love your stories, as usual ~ so sorry about the endless hurt claw~