Anteater Ups and Downs

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Behind again, oh dear, and we had such good intentions. We'll just blame it all on Aurora.

I was sleeping in the washer with Aurora but just went to the closet nest to sleep. Someone was gassy. Okay it was me but I still didn't want to be in an enclosed space with that.

Aurora always takes the best spot
Aurora always takes the best spot

Oh no something is sizzling in the kitchen. Run Aurora pace around! Silly girl.

He likes sleeping like that.

Aurora spilled her treat and left so I cleaned it up. Yum. She's hanging out in her hut now.

I was all sprawled out but then woke up with this feeling of someone watching me.
Pua in the nest

Had a nice long snuggle with mom in the closet before even thinking about accepting my treat. Then I finally had my treat and a good drink and went to visit Aurora in the washer, in case she had any of her treat left.

I had mom sing to me too. I like it when she sings songs with my name in it. I like it when she calls me pretty and gorgeous. I show my pleasure by squeezing my eyes tight shut.

Aurora likes music too. Having the radio on when she has to go to the vet helps. She also has her own song and she knows that means a treat and will calm down and come to check. She even came to it when ill and not eating but both her and mom were disappointed that she didn't find anything she felt like eating.

I came and got on the corner of the bed last night and knocked things off the desk. Mom asked what I was doing. Now, now, you remember saying you missed me sleeping with you when we were cuddling in the closet and invited me to come any time.

So then mom pet me but I got back on the cage. Mom put her arm up to rub my arms and I used her arm as a ramp to the bed but I perched on her arm for a long time before getting brave enough to get on the bed.

We then had some more good snuggle time and mom even gave me a treat after so I came back later for some more snuggles but I got a bit antsy with Beaker leering over mom's shoulder and I went off across the desk and knocked something else down. It was nice though.

Aurora paced around a bit this morning and looked in the washer a couple times but decided to sleep with me in the closet.

Her claw still has a big scab but it looks good with no open areas. Her other hand looks like she cut it again at some point as it's longer and deeper looking but all scabbed up too. Wish she'd say how she did that so mom could fix the issue.

It sure takes mom a long time to make food. I'm glad that's not my job. Aurora should be happy as the new batch doesn't have silk worm in it. Mom took some powdered ant eggs and added those instead.

For those unaware: Oh no it's much more complicated. Fresh silkworms are good treats. I love caterpillars but Silkworm Pupa was used in the food base as it's nutritionally a lot like ants. This went fine for a long time then Aurora randomly decided food with silkworm in it sucks and she goes on and off the food as mom adds extra beef to hide the flavor then weans her to plain again, till Aurora realizes the treachery and goes on hunger strike till extra beef is added again.

Now I love ant eggs best when raiding a nest so mom finally ordered ant eggs. I was excited at first but then found out they are black ant eggs! We hate the black ants and there are ants mixed in with the eggs. So mom has powdered some and they are a little less bad that way as at least they can't sting any more(though dried I swear those sucker sting) but they still are not delicious like the red&black ants. All would have been fine if they had been rad&Black ant eggs. So while it would normally be to expensive to be a mear ingredient we will get the nutrition from them mixed in our food for awhile.

Mom actually ran out of the red&black ants (she thought she had one more bag but didn't) so has been offering the powder and I take some but it's just not great so I've been mostly relying on blue cheese for treats. I need more variety. We just got a shipped notice on the ants though. They are coming from China sometimes it will be here in a week sometimes it takes a few. I think it depends on customs. It's normally marked as a gift or cellphone parts.

In the future mom is going to buy dried cockroaches to mix in the food. They are super closely related to termites and delicious. I found some wood roaches in the yard once and they were yummy.

Thunk Thunk Thunk, Mom, are you sure you shook those place mats out when you stuck them in the wash? That sounds like an avocado pit. Sometimes my treat cups wind up in there. They do come out nice and clean.

Anyway I got the closet today. Aurora has the washer again, the one that's not running .

Pua, chillin on the shelf
Pua, chillin on the shelf

Hyzzie Yawning
Hyzzie yawning

I know you're back there
I know you're back there


It's time for my Spiderman kiss

Hey There
Hey there

Mom did kiss me while I was like that too.

Yesterday I had the end of the nest and was burrowed down into the blanket today Aurora took that spot and left me stuck with the back.

She hadn't eaten for a few days and decided to even refuse sour cream so mom gave in and gave her yogurt mixed in her food and she's taking that now. Me, I like my food too much to hunger strike for more than a day or two when mom changes the recipe on me and then I beg for tons of treats.

Had my treat and some snuggles and a bit of play with mom. I had nice breath sniffs too. Then I went and peed in the washer then I told mom to get me a fresh blanket. Now I'm snuggled down in the clean washer blanket for my wake up nap.

PS I like gentle back rubs when I have my period

PPS I do not want my tummy touched.

I know it's been a long time since your last visit, insomnia, but I think you've already out stayed your welcome.

Finally settled in the washer. Aurora has the closet nest to herself.

Up for a drink.

Went to the closet briefly. Not good enough. Back in the washer.

Yummy Blue Cheese

Pua's water bucket
Pua's water bucket

I need a fluffier blanket
I need a fluffier blanket

Pua  listening to the household noises
She was having trouble sleeping

At some point I snuck back to the closet because I just got up to go to the sink to drink from my bowl then I will pee in the washer.

oops seems I forgot to hit post it's been awhile. Mom poured out some vinegar for me. That was a great vinegar bath. I think I was overdue.

I started in the washer and then went to the closet. I went back and forth a bit but finally settled in the washer.

February 17
Vinegar bath time! Aurora doesn't know what she's missing out on by not doing this! It feels so good.
Vinegar bath time

Got to rub it in the tail
Got to rub it in the tail

Gotta get some on the back
Gotta get some on the back

Gotta get it everywhere
It's powerful stuff. Not so pleasant when I accidentally sniff some up my nose but the bath feels good.

We started out in the washer since it has the jungle blanket but we both moved to the closet nest. The blanket mom put there is nice and cushy.

Oh yeah we played a lot last night too.

I've been in and out of the washer all morning. Trying the closet with Aurora again. Somebody found and raided the ant eggs. There were ant eggs sprinkled all over Hyzzie dog's bed. Maybe we can blame her.

Raiding the ant eggs and fell! Mom offered me a cup of ant eggs. Ew, no. I want whats in the ant eggs bag in the drawer.

Aurora took the washer. I was in and out of there for awhile this morning but settled in the closet.

I started out in the washer but we are both in the closet now snuggled together.

If that cinnamon roll wasn't for me then why did you leave it there? PS stuff like that is hard to eat when I have to use claws instead of teeth.

Was just up for a mid-day snack. We're sleeping in the closet nest today.

Mom gave Aurora something special to eat last night so she felt satisfied enough to go sleep in the washer. I took the closet nest and have the blanket pulled up over my lower half and am all stretched out.

Mom tried giving Aurora a treat but she did not like that cheap brand of yogurt. What was mom thinking? So she was given some buttermilk. She likes that best lately anyway. Aurora ate most of that but then she moved to the closet. She was not happy with the disturbances in the washer even if it was just treats.

So mom decided it would be a good time to come to the closet and grope her! Mom had some excuse about checking Aurora's condition but Aurora was quite offended as you can imagine. But she settled back in after a quick pace of the shelves.

PS: Aurora's condition is trim/thin but not skinny. She has just lost her pudge during her recent food protesting. And her claw still has a huge scab under it but it looks good. Her fur is still short and thin. So over all her condition is Aurora.

We both have the washer today. Aurora is under the blanket. I just got up to get a drink but am now heading back to bed. 


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