The bell toles for treats, plus claw woes

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Hyzzie decided to hide in the closet with us where it's dark and safe. That's right old pup we'll claw their eyes out if they bring the fireworks in here. She's on the floor though rather than climb up into the closet nest.

She woke me though so I came to get my special treat.

Mom changed the blanket in the closet. I liked the other better even if it was dirty and I'm not pleased with the washer being clean either, even with the jungle blanket. So I am protesting by sleeping in my princess hammock.

I am enjoying my hammock day. It's good to start off the new year snoozing in a hammock.
Noozing away New Year's Day

Mom blended up some Aurora soup. Then she blended up some special blue cheese goo. I got up because that demanded a taste test to ensure the blue cheese was royal worthy. My job done I went back in my hammock for a nap.

I am the stuff your dreams are made of
I am the stuff your dreams are made of
Pua over me in bed ~ Pua's mommy

I see you are awake

I see you are awake

I jingled the bell last night. I got my treat then I jingled it some more but mom refused to get back up, saying she already gave me my treat. I jingled the heck out of it and pulled it off the hook and onto the shelf with me.

I got the closet today. Aurora has moved back into the washer.

Got up. Had a good groom. Talked my way into a snack. Then back to bed.

Aurora rang the bell. She was stealthy. She rang it quietly once mom had the lights off and was in bed. Mom assumed it was me but she got up and saw a moving bell but no one on the shelf. A closer look showed Aurora moving around a sleepy me in the nest. So mom gave her a bit of yogurt and her soup.

Mom got up early to work this morning and I came and jingled the bell. Mom was like, do you really need a treat right now? I moved over to the fancy bells and stuck my nose to one and jingled it and looked at her. Yes, yes I do, RIGHT now.

I tested at 156 blood sugar tonight. That's not bad considering I've been stealing yogurt from Aurora, though she's almost weaned off of it now and just gets some topped on her soup. She balked at topping with blue cheese instead though. We may try sour cream, there's hardly any sugar in that.

Mom slept through my bell ringing even after I pulled it up onto the shelf so I had to go wake her up in person.

Mom bought Aurora some sour cream. She mixed a bit of water with it so it was runny like she likes then added the tinniest bit of vinegar to make it a bit more sour like yogurt. It worked. Aurora said that's delicious and ate her afternoon snack then I stole the rest from her after I finished my blue cheese.

Oh we almost forgot. Happy Birthday Hyzzie. She's 14 so that's like her 70th or so in human years

I see you, I need treats
I see you, I need treats

I will ring these bells with my nose

Mom grumbled that my jingling of the bell woke her during a good dream. Well, she shouldn't be dreaming when I need a treat.

Aurora's in the washer sleeping upside down under the jungle blanket. I got the closet nest to my self.

I have the washer today and Aurora has the closet. I think she tried to come join me after she had a late meal but got spooked by the odd beeping noises from the other room(grandma's game show).

We are both in the closet today. Aurora makes a good mattress.

My blood sugar tested at 147 last night. Better than last time but we should be able to get that lower. The issue may be my stealing Aurora soup. While it no longer has yogurt it does have extra ground beef to make it smell less buggy for her. This means I'm getting less of good additives like sweet potato and chia though I get chia in my blue cheese too. We'll try weaning her back onto pure food. All this weaning talk but we can't make sudden changes with Aurora.

Also mom just ordered powdered sweet potato. It says one scoop equals 1 cup fresh stuff. This will be good.

Oh also we may spice it up a bit and add a wee bit of cayenne pepper, the Capsacian in it has proven in several lab studies to increase insulin production and in turn lower blood sugar. We've occasionally had some in the food in the past and not minded.

Aw poor Aurora. She’s started her period and it makes her more jumpy scaredy cat. She ran when mom offered her, her treat. Mom added a bit of yogurt and she took it once mom was well away. Then she went to mope on the shelf. Mom tried giving her a bit more and Aurora saw the hand and lifted her arm flinching back to block a blow. I don’t know what happened in your past Aurora but mom would never hit you.

Aurora moping
Aurora moping
on the lower shelves

I was sleeping in the washer with Aurora, got up a few times to drink, got up and had some snacks, slept with her a bit more then I decided to go sleep in the closet nest.

You glued the sink drain tube in and it now is not only unplugged but has holes in it too, okay, but why are you looking at me?

I got up had a treat and snuggle and headed right behind the washer to the sink drain tube. Mom sprayed anteater repellent back there and said she's going to find a fix for this issue tomorrow. The only issue I see is that nasty smell.

Naughty Pua
Naughty Pua
She took to poking holes in the washer drain tube. I took to removing the tube when not in use. She took to unplugging the sink drain tube that goes back there too. I tried gluing it in. She poked holes in it and unplugged it anyway. I took this photo of her going after the damaged tube again for posterity. This area is now fenced off.

Mom saw no anteaters in the closet nest so when mom came to give Aurora her evening treat and didn't find her in the washer with me she was a bit concerned. Mom went back to the closet thinking she missed her. Well, she kind of did Aurora was sleeping balled up on one of the lower shelves that have no bedding. She is so odd sometimes.

Aurora slept here all day
Aurora slept here all day
Today she was back in the washer

This also shows how old she looks. It doesn't normally come through on camera.

We were playing in my princess hammock when it came unhooked some how. Aurora must have fallen from the tower as her claw was broken down deep enough to bleed. She's clotting okay and she got a little treat to calm her down. I wasn't phased or hurt since I was still on the tower but I wanted a treat too. Guess we need to switch to those loop things instead of hooks.

I'm a bit worried about mom's mind. She covered the washer drain tube in a wool blanket and fenced off the back of the washer and drier with a chicken wire fence. I don't think that tube is chilly and we don't have chickens. Wait how am I supposed to reach my drain tubes now?!

Well, I didn't find my way past that annoying fence keeping me from my tubes but I did pinch mom awake to demand my treat.

Poor Aurora's got a sore claw. She wanted to do her usual darting around as mom got her food ready but when she went to climb back up she tried to grab with that claw to climb and kept going ouch and letting go. Finally she just forced herself to push through the pain and climb up but she has stayed up and we are sleeping in the closet nest. Not only did she break her big claw night before last but it appears to have pulled a bit too as there was blood down around where it meats the flesh.

I'm keeping her company.

Aurora now has an appointment at the vet tomorrow. Her knuckle and part of the hand is swollen and purple. Hopefully some antibiotics will fix it. She is stomping around really upset right now after mom cleaned it and put some smelly stuff on it to try and help.

After much exaggerated pacing, climbing around(not recommended when you have a broken claw and injured hand, Aurora), in and out of the washer, closet nest and cave, left her with the lights off for a while but didn't calm her down, she finally settled on one of the bare closet shelves. Well, at least Aurora's settled. Let's just hope the vet's treatment doesn't include a recommendation of daily dressing changes or she will never get any rest.

Okay I gotta confess I lied about not finding my way past the chicken fence but I thought no one would find out. I pushed my way under it and unplugged the sink but I didn't go all the way down to poke holes in it as I didn't want to get stuck.

Aurora is back in the closet nest with me. I was making lots of cooing type noises at her as we resettled ourselves into better positions. She always takes the best spot.

I'm up and having a groom before midnight. Just to be a bit different.

Rang the bell and had a snack. Time to hit the hay for a few more hours.

January 16

I don't know if mom really thought that bungee was going to hold the fence in place enough to stop me but, fail, drain tube unplugged.

January 16
Mom came up to the closet shelf and stuck Aurora in a sack and took her. She did that so she'd not claw at the shelves on the way down like she normally would. Aurora growled and complained but she got shoved in the crate anyway. Oh she wasn't kept in the sack. When I realized Aurora wasn't coming back right away I complained a bit myself. I'll let mom tell the rest.
Aurora was a good girl at the vet though she didn't like it. She complained most the way down, she was cursing me out, then I remembered she likes music and turned the radio on and she was much calmer. On the ride home she was mostly quiet except when we slowed or stopped. She knew we were headed home. She also covered herself up in the blanket. When let loose at the vet she was nice she even came over and put her paws up on my lap for a bit. She is always more confident when not in her own room, which is odd.

It's not infected and pretty much as described before. The broken claw tip clotted and is no issue. The base is damaged to where it bleeds all the way around but at this point it just did that while her hand was being held. The bottom base is ripped apart from the finger pad. In a dog she'd have trimmed the nail all the way back to give it a chance to heal as it grows back, not an option in tamandua as the bone grows out into the claw. If it doesn't heal because she keeps using it we can try splinting it, though the odds of that succeeding are pretty slim as it would be near impossible to keep on for any length of time. We were given the stuff for it, some moldable splint plastic and strong sticky stretchy tape but it's not the vets first choice of things to try, just if needed. In the mean time we had two options topical or oral(or injectable) antibiotics. She'd normally just do topical and not prescribe systemic antibiotics for normal animals. We went with oral antibiotics but we have surgical "scrub" to dab on to keep it a bit less germy. The issue with tamandua is they like to dip their claws into their food when they eat and they eat several times a night. So there's no realistic way to keep it sanitary.

She said it is okay to take with milk products so she can get a "treat" of yogurt twice a day with anitibiotics mixed in.

We did forget the anitinflmitory/pain meds but that would be metacam and we have some on hand for Hyzzie's bad days so she can still do that for a bit.

Aurora goes to the vet
Aurora goes to the vet

She broke and tore her claw

She broke and tore her claw
The finger pad ripped from the claw some and it bled around the claw where it meets the skin all around and the tip broke down to the quick.

I want to go home now
I want to go home now

I want to go home so bad I can taste it

Aurora's chin wrinkles
Aurora's chin wrinkles
Or are those old lady waddles

was trying for a shot of her claw, it's the left one.

Waiting for the Dr to say she can go
Waiting for the Dr to say she can go

It's a bit chilly and scary
It's a bit chilly and scary

January 17 (2am)
Had my treat then moved to look down on mom in judgment. 
Pua watching me
She must have misunderstood because she came to say hi. I turned my back on her. You stole Aurora and were mean to her.

No snuggles for you.

You still need to give me treats though.

I was so mad at mom that I didn't wake her to give me treats even once last night. I mean if she really loved me she'd have stayed up all night plying me with treats to make me forgive her.

Aurora took her antibiotic laced yogurt just fine today though she waited till she thought mom wasn't looking.

I got the closet to myself. It's kind of nice to sprawl out.
Pua getting comfy in the closet


  1. chihuahuabulldog Says:

    Oh what excitement you have had already this year Pua. I hope you have forgiven your Mommy for taking Aurora from you. After all, Mom was just making sure sis was going to be okay to play with you soon. I hope you give Mom lots of snuggles after your anger has gone. I'm sorry for being away so long. You are still my very favorite Tamandua!

  1. Lacey Says:

    I run an exotic animal educational program in Illinois. Could you possibly tell me who or what program you got your Tamanduas from? Also, are you still looking for a Fennec Fox? You can email me at
    Thank you