Stewie night 2 5/03/07

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Well they still don't like each other but it seems to be fear on both of their parts so once they get used to each other and realize the other isn't a threat they should be fine. when I got home he was awake as he's still on east coast time and Pua sleeps in till later so fed him and then let him out. He didn't eat all in one sitting for me. He is crazy and only want to lick the stuff that is sticking to the sides of it. This is just a bad habbit because he has no problem drinking or eating oranges, whch he can swallow big chunks of pulp from. I tried a few different things and for the time being gave in and smeared some around inside a gallon ice cream bucket so he had lots of walls to lick off. So tonight i'm going to try mixing up some of the powdered food with some orange juice concentrae and see if he'll ea it better as a thick paste. He did happily claw up some and eat it, that spilt and was thick due to the water soaking into the pad. So he might just want thicker food. If nothing else it will be easier to smear on and stick to something for him to lick off.

So he was out running around when he was next to Pua's crate and she started to wake up and growled. So I put him back in the cage while she came out and ate then snuggled. He came out again later and ran around and she just ignores him unless he gets close. I held her up to sniff him when he was on the curtain rod and she didn't react at all. But face to face he gave a little huff so she huffed and growled back at him. she did get upset when he came by and she heard him sniffing at her food. I moved her to the top of her cage because it was faster and easier to move her. She huffed some up there then sat and moped for awhile. He went back into the cage once on his own but I put him up after that with an orange to occupy him and when done he went to sleep in the hammock.

Unlike Pua who carefully navigates around things trying not to make a mess or nock things over. He rnsaked my closet tossing a bunch of clothes off the shelves and hangers. It may be from her wild instincts to not make noise and attract attention.

Pua this morning