Stewie at work 5/03/07

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seems this didn't go before
He showed no intrest in me or playing last night just exploring which is understandable but I brought him to work today and he's sleeping in my lap. He growls at me when i move him to much though. Like if a customer comes in and I need to get up and then sit back down. He woke up for a nsack though then gave me kisses and played just a tinny bit.
He liked the orange flavor off the lid

Give me a kiss

Okay now open up I want a french kiss

He didn't go for the pasty food but he did DRINK the concentrate rather than just lick it off the sides. He didn't get a bunch since it's concentrate but wanted to see if he likes it(I had already poured some into a container already) So new plan is mix the concentrate with his food and then slowly thin it with water so it's more juice than concentrate and hopefully get him to drinking his food like a normal anteater that way.

He woke up at four
stealing my apple

two anteaters

"That will be 75 ants, please"

He keeps going under tinny spaces