Stewie comes home 5/01/07

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He came to us from a pet home 10 months old born domestically. Home around 1am as we picked him up the evening of the first.
He's doing good he ate the organe and some of the food. He rode home free next to me snuggling and wrestling then went in the gargo part of our wagon and played godzilla on a small empty box we had back there. His claws are to long he got blood on the orange from poking holes in his palms so will let him sleep today but filing them will be top of the list.
I let Pua out and stuck him in the cage when we got home. There was some breif hissing through the cage. Pua went to poop and hide in the rabbit pen but soon as I fed her she forgot all about it and never went back to the cage. So we'll see how things go tonight once she's had a normal day.

coming home from the air port