at work 5/05/07

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I don't know if I want to pose today

Sun shine napping

an odd eating possition

Loving neck rubs

He just melts for them

He was licking my arm pit


It was fairly breif and a bit of tension as they learned each others bounderies but they did it. Not many pictures tonight(to be uploaded tomarrow) because I was busy running around with the hands on them and working a bit more with them. Pua was playful so part of the time was play fighting with her one hand and doing whatever with Mork the other. Getting them used to being close and that being a fun thing.
So was in the kitchen with Mork and he got all playful and we were play fighting, he realy gives it his all, when Pua came to check on me, I was supposed to be in bed with her now. So was playfighting with one on each hand and Mork actualy made the first move and clawed at her. She was surprised and hissed at first but I kept putting my hand between them so they wouldn't attack because I was in the way. Pua then plays with my hand. Soon they were playing with each other.
One time I was playing with Mork on his back and Pua snuck up and wacked him in the belly and that got a growl but then he kept playing with me. Then Pua got bored and left and it was just me and him playing and he growled a couple times but kept playing, so he play growls too. Pua doesn't do that, she's not very vocal but Mork talks a lot.

I think I dropped my keys

He found some old orange rinds in there and gave a couple little growls when Pua walked by. He didn't want to share.

Oh my what is going on in there?

Pua stopped to listen to that strange noise too

the cat food is kept in this cooler. He opened it up and went inside and started digging around

here he was checking he wasn't locked in after he pulled his tail in and it closed all the way

Pua this morning, she was next to me on the pillow with her tail over my shoulder before I got up

His Droopy morning ears