A verey active day 5/04/07

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Both were out and Pua walked up to Stewie sniffed him over good then rose up and lunged and grabbed him with her claws, no warning. He hissed and growled and I pulled her away. Thing is she just wanted to play. If she means it she'd be hissing and growling a warning but when she plays she's silent. after I pulled her away she just played with me instead. Stewie ran and hid under the blankets on the couch but later he knocked over the old guitar and scared himself so had to go in the cage since he was growling like a tazzy devil. Then after Pua and I had some living room time he growled at her and got crazy just from her walking by. So he'll stay in there for awhile. He probably needs a nap. He woke up at 4 in the shop and ran around.

typical male

finger holding

finger holding


another day another attempt at scaling the building

Can't get my claws around this pipe

I am Spiderman

Learning his way back to the shop

down the side way

My own jungle

he had fun running back and forth along the side over growth

Found a trail

Looking for a grip

Watch it, you'll pop the tire

I grabbed him after that he was trying to get in the wheel well

Broke into the crickets

About to settle in

I think I need a little something first

Put 'em up

Wave your hands in the air

Go ahead, make my day

I got you now

Surfer dude

It was on the desk and I saw the size of his head and I just had to


I want you...

to send me email


I dare you to try that again

You're not gonna tickle my belly

Take your best shot

you're not gonna sneak up on me

Napping in the sun

on my desk