Pua walk by the ranger station

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Oh boy she went somewhere new. We let her go off path behind the statiuon and follow the fence line only problem we had was on the way back(the end was flooded out by the road) she started climbing the fence(chainlink) and had to pry her off a few times. She gets more ornery when tired but hates to give up her time out.

Pua trying to head off the beaten path

Through the tall grass

Checking out an old stump

Leaving the stump she rarely stops for long

Happy tail

Kinda tired and a little "Jumpy"

She froze for a moment like when she hears an odd noise bu then closed her eyes and had a five second nap

On the run

Love that I caught her in mid gallop as one big website claims tamanduas can't gallop.

How hight the tail curls up is also a indicator of mood. She is very happy and excited here.

Across the lawn

Where the brick path ends

But I want to go that way


  1. nohara Says:

    I am STONE from Japan.
    I did not know that the tamandua was such lovely. Thank you for the discovery.

    Sorry for my poor English.