Pua Food and some grooming pics

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The making of Pua food album
Warning complete with insect photos

Naughty Pua
Pua thought I wasn't paying enough attention to her and went over to the crib of toys and peed in it. What a mess! Nearly killed the washer too as one of the small stuffies got sucked into the machine and got jammed inside. That stuffy is now dead but we managed to save the machine. Lesson learned small stuffies go in pillow cases.

anyway she saw all these toys laying on the desk to dry and got excited and had to go check them out.

Pua in the crib
Not peeing this time, lol. we played for a bit.

Making herself pretty

Licky grooming of that hard to reach spot


Pua doing something new. Sitting still, LOL.

Taking a break from grooming.

Underarm grooming

After Bath Groom

So the next night after all that licking grooming she got a bath. We are both happier now. Seemed we were both getting itchy. I'm a little allergic to her and was starting to break out from her dander and she was more licky and sratchy than normal.